The Legend of the Christmas Elves

This holiday season, Phyllis Porter Turner, an author based in New York City, is releasing a Collector’s Edition of her popular children’s book “The Night Before Thanksgiving…The Legend of The Christmas Elves”, celebrating 15 years since she originally published the book in 2003.

The idea of Christmas elves coming from The North Pole at Thanksgiving to play hide and seek, watch for good behavior and report back to Santa each and every day has been a cherished tradition in Phyllis’ family for over 50 years. In fact, countless families have celebrated this tradition for many years in a variety of imaginative ways. Phyllis wrote this story after an imaginative conversation with her then nine year old son, Ryan. “Ryan was telling me how excited he was that our elves, Mr. Snoops, Mr. Jingles and Mr. Peeps would be coming soon on Thanksgiving day and how much he had missed them,” said Phyllis. “I told him that as excited as WE were for them to come, just imagine how THRILLING it must be throughout the ENTIRE North Pole on the night before Thanksgiving because ALL the elves are excited about leaving The North Pole to be with ALL the children ALL around the world!” In just a few days, the story was penned and the new tradition was born.

Written in a whimsically rhyming style similar to “The Night Before Christmas…A Visit From St. Nicholas”, this wondrous tale perfectly complements all elf traditions embraced by kids from 1 to 99—uniquely serving as THE OFFICIAL KICKOFF of The Holiday Season!

Just as families hold dear to the “end all” tradition of reading “The Night Before Christmas” on Christmas Eve in anticipation of Santa’s arrival, this 21st century holiday reading tradition is a way to BEGIN the holiday season with childlike wonder– ushering in the arrival of Santa’s elves—year after year!

On Thanksgiving Eve, families gather for a meaningful time of thankful reflection–connecting and sharing with each other moments for which they are grateful, reading “The Night Before Thanksgiving…The Legend of The Christmas Elves” and dreaming of the wondrous days to come. This story and tradition is sure to be treasured for generations, as some of the most significant family traditions come from the simplest times of togetherness.

This classic Christmas book, “The Night Before Thanksgiving…The Legend of The Christmas Elves” features beautiful illustrations by Phyllis’ mother, Eva Manette Porter, as well as a dedication page, a memory page and BONUS downloadable audio book and original songs written by Phyllis and produced by Grammy award winning J. Aaron Brown of Nashville.

“The Night Before Thanksgiving…The Legend of The Christmas Elves” is available in bookstores everywhere, Amazon in both print and kindle editions and



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