I Just Love Tuesdays!

I can’t tell you how much I just love Tuesdays!

My mornings usually begin with tea and a chat with Sweetie Berry and then I have the chance to talk with Janice Clark or Melissa Patton in the afternoons. I can’t say it enough ~ I love Tuesdays!  Word of Mom Radio is such a blessing to me; working with these amazing MOMpreneurs is such a joy ~ and a fabulous learning experience as well.

Today Sweetie walked me through a very small piece of how to add text to graphics ~ I can now take one of the fabulous promos Sweetie created and add guest or show names, dates and other things! Not only that  – I can take a stock photo and now add a message of my own, or a quote by someone else!!! For those of you like me who hear Charlie Brown’s teacher talking to him when it comes to the computer and web building and what not…”wa wa wa…wa wa wa…” I actually understand what she is saying. With the help of Sweetie, and her endless patience, I can now create sites here on WordPress and now she has shown me the first steps in any kind of graphic creation! Can you hear my “Happy Feet!!!!!”  Sweetie Berry is the founder/owner of ShesSoThere.com the one and only place to go to create and move your brand forward online and beyond.

Tuesdays at 11amPDT/2pmEDT the Business Spotlight shines on Word of Mom Radio and I have the chance to talk with either Janice Clark or  Melissa Patton, as their shows are bi-monthly.  This afternoon I had the chance to share a conversation with Janice on her Social Media ‘Help NOT Hype’ Show.  Janice shared “How to Create Your Social Media Strategy and it was another amazing learning experience! Take a listen to the archive of this show and the Facebook Timeline, How to Make Twitter Work, What Google+ can do for you, Making Layered Networking Work  ~ click on the link to each conversation and enjoy. I highly suggest you put your phone on speaker and open up your computer for Facebook, Twitter and Google+ conversations, pen and paper will do and for the others. You will love learning from Janice; she is fun and easy and really takes you step by step through how to set up your accounts and pages and everything else, which is why you should have your computer open. Knowing how to do the back end of things is big part of maximizing your time in your social media marketing schedule and minimizing your cost of doing business. Putting it all together in your social media strategy is what is going to take your business to new levels. One of the joys of being a MOMpreneur is that you create the schedule for your business, so you can design the strategies that are best for you and your business. Janice Clark is the founder/owner of BizMSolutions.com and is there to make your small business look Big!

I am already looking forward to next Tuesday when I have the chance to talk with Melissa Patton on week two of her show The Social Marketing Toolbox! As you enjoy the archives of past Word of Mom Radio shows, you will hear segments of our MOMpreneur Model Moments where Melissa shared University of Mom tips and ideas that turn ordinary moms into extraordinary MOMpreneurs. It was a natural step for Melissa to go from segment to full show and The Social Marketing Toolbox began! On June 26th Melissa is going to be sharing what she likes to call “The Three Legged Stool” ~ Social Media, Networking and Public Relations. I can’t wait to hear what she has to share and really just can’t wait to converse with her myself. Melissa is the founder/creator of Bee-Tees which are in all 560+ Cracker Barrel Old Country Stores and the creator of UniversityofMom.com.

Tuesdays are so exciting to me and I think that Janice and Melissa are the perfect one-two punch that makes the Business Spotlight so fabulous for MOMpreneurs and Entrepreneurs. Everything you will need to know in the Social Media and Social Marketing arena will be shared and, as new trends happen, you’ll be sure that you are in the right place to know how to make it work. I have said it before, there is a social media and marketing guru on every other corner and with so many roads to take along the way, where do you stop? You know where you stop ~ the corner of Janice Clark Blvd and Melissa Patton Way!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA…I am laughing but its true. The street lamp will always be lit ~ that is why Tuesdays the Business Spotlight Shines on Word of Mom Radio and I just love them!

Thanks Sweetie – for all of you who think I can’t do something – the street sign is something I did for this post! My first graphic!!!!! Sharing the wisdom of women is what it is all about…and the journey continues.



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  1. Sweetie Berry June 25, 2012 at 8:43 pm #

    Dori, we love to empower folks and you’re always such a good student!

    • Dori DeCarlo June 25, 2012 at 8:58 pm #

      Thanks Sweetie – you make it easy to learn and have the patience to explain things to novices like me!

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