Have you seen the commercial with Pinocchio as a motivational speaker? His nose grows as he’s giving his speech and looking at someone in the group says, “You have potential.”

Everyone we meet is special and has unlimited potential – even when they have nothing that we all hold as “the something’s” we want in life. When I say that you’re amazing and have wonderful waiting for you to create, I believe it with all my heart – which is why I still have a button nose!

The thing that really bummed me out about the commercial is that the guy Pinocchio is looking at, as his nose grows, is the one who feels bad about himself. What a shame Pinocchio didn’t become a “real boy” after all – he couldn’t believe his own words! Never let anyone’s untruth hurt who you are in your soul; there is no one who will ever be you, and I’m glad you’re in my life.

Life offers us second chance, it’s called tomorrow. I don’t know who said this-but I love it. Then I started thinking about it and realize that we have that second chance with each passing moment because, it’s about being better than you were yesterday and creating the best today you can, moment by moment.


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