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Anthonette Klinkerman on MomTV

Joining me November 3rd on MomTV is Anthonette Klinkerman, CEO – Chief  Etiquette Officer of Courtesy Bootcamp™ . Courtesy Bootcamp™ is a powerful, but fun, reminder to mind your Ps and Qs and practice common courtesy, which actually leads to better business practices.  Being the sole proprietor makes Anthonette keenly aware of the branding, bookkeeping, and marketing and does it all herself. She had experience with network marketing companies, and found herself wanting to do more educating as teaching remains her passion.  Noting a distinct lack of cotillion or etiquette schools in today’s casual society, she hit on a one-of-a-kind idea; since everyone wants everything in “bootcamp”/one-hour formats these days, why not a manners/social skills bootcamp? Courtesy Bootcamp™ sessions provide a crash course in courtesy for employees, office managers, customer service reps, salespeople, regular people, organizations, service clubs, young adults, you name it.

In response to a request for a “take-away” from the meeting, Anthonette wrote a companion book, Courtesy Bootcamp™: a not-so-gentle reminder to live by The Golden Rule which was printed in September 2010.  Audiences have responded with standing ovations for the pink camo-clad “Colonel”, though on occasion one or two have had to do push-ups for a cell phone accidentally left on during the seminar. Since its inception in February 2009, Courtesy Bootcamp™ has drilled over 35 clubs and businesses, and earned an assisted living facility a both a national award in human resources and a statewide recognition for an innovative new program. The city of Englewood (CO) also hired Courtesy Bootcamp™ for their fourth annual Summit for Professional Growth in October 2010, which was, this last year, recognized by the HARVARD Kennedy School for a Bright Ideas Award in government employee trainings. This summer, the CAPA (Colorado Activity Professionals Association) will be utilizing Courtesy Bootcamp as its endnote address.

Meet us in the Word of Mom MomTV chat room at 12pmET/9amPT and we can all get reintroduced to our P’s and Q’s!

Maria Locker on BlogTalkRadio

November 3rd at 2pmET/11amPT Maria Locker, Founder of Mompreneur Showcase Group Inc., joins me on Word of Mom. A stay-at-home mom with 2 very busy little people, Maria started out as a Kindergarten teacher, and through her time staying at home with both kids enjoyed working with different media and advertising outlets in order to help bring in some extra income.

In early February 2010, after spending an afternoon at a cooking show with friends and with the support of my incredible husband, Maria decided to try her hand at being a Pampered Chef Consultant, and absolutely fell in love!  Her passion for her own business created a monster you could say… and Maria began chatting with fellow moms who were in the same position, working hard to maintain their families and bringing in extra income on their own terms!  When she realized there was a lack of an outlet for all of them to showcase their talents, Maria decided to organize a trade show… what was the worst that could happen?

Mompreneur Showcase Group Inc. is now a succesful corporation, with 12 licensed areas throughout Ontario!  The corporation is made up of a growing community of creative and talented women, and through their collective Showcases and Networking Groups, they have proudly raised over $6,000 in monetary and Food Donations.  They have also showcased close to 500 unique Mompreneurs to various communities, and are the only organization to be working exclusively with MOMpreneur Magazine to support women in business.

Join us on Word of Mom on BlogTalkRadio or call 347 850 8994 and find out more about the Mompreneur Showcase Group Inc!

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