Word of Mom Holiday Showcase for December 8th!

Me on a Tee Founder Rachel Mehta on BlogTalkRadio

Thursday December 8 on Word of Mom Rachel Mehta shares her company, Me on a Tee!  These custom designed shirts reflect your ancestry and are a vehicle for families to talk about their history and culture.  Shirts may have a flag pole flying all the flags of your family’s ancestry, or a pie graph showing a little bit of this, a little bit of that – all the wonderful parts that make each of us who we are. My shirt would fly flags from Italy, Spain, Poland and Puerto Rico – what flags would yours have?

Observing so many families of various origins, including her own, and understanding the mass waves of immigration to this country have waned, Rachel realize the children may not be learning enough about their family history and their cultural origins. The idea is to get the older generations to pass along family history to the younger generation so that children learn about how their family came to America, what choices had to be made, what life was like getting settled, etc. Rachel wants children to understand their family past informs their present life here in the US. Simply, she thought the t-shirts could be a fun way to get those conversations started and to celebrate cultural diversity.

Join us Thursday on BlogTalkRadio at 2pmET/11amPT and find out how to get your Me on a Tee in time for the holidays. Listeners will have a discount code to use as a gift for tuning in. We’d love for you to be part of the conversation, so give us a call at 347 850 8994.

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    Way to go!!Even though I’m not moenientd by name, I trust you know I’m a firm and unwavering member of the U-MSG. Glad the vibes I’ve been sending finally worked!Can I get a SQUEEEEEEE?!?!?!Since you’ve already told me a boy can squee, the answer is:SQUEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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