#WoMRadio teams with #NoSuchThingAsaBully and #TheKindCampaign

#WoMRadio has been sharing a heartfelt PSA recorded by grieving father David Carraturo.  His daughter Julianna tragically took her own life this past January, as a result of depression caused by relentless bullying in school.  Somehow the family has managed to channel their grief in order to do everything they can to make sure that other families don’t suffer this horrific experience.  By partnering with The Kind Campaign and The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, they are tirelessly working to raise awareness as well as funding.  There is a gofundme campaign as well as a facebook page for support.

Kelly Karius became interested in bullying issue in 2000, after being hired to help 20 sets of parents deal with a teacher who was using bully actions with his students. This experience made it clear to Kelly that adults need to be a part of creating and using solutions to prevent bullying against children. She feels it is not enough to have one day dedicated to bullying or a vague policy about bullying. It is the adults’ responsibility to step up and create a comprehensive culture change system that will allow children to feel safe while learning. The No Such Thing as a Bully system has been created to make it easy for adults to do this.

At No Such Thing as a Bully, we believe that all adults and children use both bully actions and victim responses. One set of skills solves both ways of behaving. We take away the labels of “bully” and “victim” and provide a new framework for dealing with this issue. This framework enhances accountability, puts tools in the hands of parents and creates systemic policies for managing bullying issues in schools.  Parents are the most important influence to their children and it’s important that they model and teach these skills in order to strengthen their children. The system allows communities to create their own experts in bullying prevention. No Such Thing as a Bully partners with the Moment of Kindness Foundation because we believe that we get more of that on which we focus. Rather than bullying and trauma we focus on bullying and kindness and work to change the culture of schools, families and communities. The system has been very successful in working with children who are dealing with depression or inaccurate thoughts that come from their experience in bullying situations. The strengthening skills are a preventative factor for everyone involved in bullying situations and provide a practical best practices policy for schools as well as a new and exciting definition for bullying. It is Kelly’s goal to share this information and the strengthening skills around the world.

The conversation is difficult, yet necessary. Here is a fascinating video presentation of No Such Thing as a Bully.

The conversation between Dori DeCarlo, Kelly Karius and David Carraturo can be heard here.

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