WoMRadio talks with Angel Johnstone about Constructing Confidence

Contrary to what most people come to believe, being confident is NOT about having it all figured out in advance! It is about knowing that tomorrow you can learn more, grow and be better than today. At this one day event, you will enjoy some frank talk about what confidence really “looks like” today and how to systematically build more of it in your life. You will learn about the building blocks of confidence and you will leave with a blueprint of how to build the confidence needed in your life to move toward your dreams. This blueprint can serve you over and over again to help you build increasing levels of confidence throughout your life allowing you to spiral up as you build.

Event page to register and get more info

Angel Johnstone started Confidence Is Catchy with one goal in mind…. help people be more confident.  Why?  How else can we change the world?

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#WoMRadio is committed to raising awareness about bullying and we are sharing David Carraturo’s heartfelt PSA in honor of his daughter, Julianna who tragically committed suicide this year.

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