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On today’s #Music Monday we feature The Family Repertory Co.

Host Traci Timmons performed in their cabaret fundraising event last Friday June 29th at Studios 353. This Saturday they will present their Series of Short Stories at the Playroom Theatre at 151 W. 46th St. 8th Floor at 8:00pm.  July 7th is also EAD Marvin F. Camillo Valentine’s birthday, so there will be an after party!

Guest host Dr. Ellen Ferranti was in the audience and helped get interviews with both performers and other audience members.  We also share snippets from the cabaret.

We also introduce a new closing song written by Kelli Lewis of Smith Sisters Bluegrass with vocals by herself, Wendi Kilman and Robin Kelly.  They recorded this as part of Boyz and the Beez and shared it with us as it is just so perfect for The Word of Mom Radio Network!

The episode can be heard here:

Performances at the cabaret were:

Elizabeth “Lizzy” Marcano: hostess

Paul Knopf: jazz pianist

Rhett Sever: comedian

Matthew Davis: singer

Danielle Nicole Tyler: dancer/choreographer

Marvin F. Camillo Valentine: storyteller

Traci Timmons: singer

And a staged reading was presented of “Dominoes at Ivette’s” by Marvin F. Camillo Valentine, with readings by Marvin, Traci,  Lizzy, and Matthew joined by Julia Genoveva and Gus Ferrari

Series of Short Stories:


Efren Sanchez as Eddie
Jay Lineberry as Jake

Written by Kevin Clancy
Directed by Marvin Camillo-Valentine


Jeff Shonert as Emmett
Rick Rodriguez as Juan
Jay Lineberry as Bobby

Written by Alan Baxter
Directed by Marvin Camillo-Valentine


Ruba Mansouri as Rosie
Traci Timmons as Marjorie
Kyle Duncan as Bradley
Elizabeth “Lizzy” Marcano as Marisela
Jay Lineberry as D’Andre
Danielle N. Tyler as Josephine
Marvin Camillo-Valentine as Ricky
April Brucker as Teresa Marie

Written and Directed by Marvin Camillo-Valentine


Elizabeth “Lizzy” Marcano as Janet
Traci Timmons as Sabine
Jessica M. Lee as Elaine
April Brucker as Amina
Kieran Duffy as Stephanie
Danielle N.Tyler as Titi Dragona

Written by Marvin Camillo-Valentine
Monologue by Darius A. Journigan
Directed by Traci Timmons


Traci Timmons as Mami
Jessica M. Lee as Daughter

Written by Marlena Estevez
Directed by Marvin Camillo-Valentine


Kyle Duncan as Casanova
Elizabeth “Lizzy” Marcano
Kieran Duffy as Teddy Bear English
Jose Sanchez as Braando
Traci Timmons as Leah
Danielle N. Tyler as Luna

Written and Directed by Marvin Camillo-Valentine

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About Traci Timmons

Traci is proud to help share the wisdom of women as the producer and co-host on the Word of Mom Radio Network. She loves being in a partnership with Dori DeCarlo who has been a friend and inspiration since childhood. When she agreed to join the team here at WoMRadio, she never imagined how fully it would become part of her life, and how meeting so many powerful and incredible women - sharing their stories and helping to empower them and build their businesses – would be so fulfilling and FUN! Traci has worked in the theatre and entertainment realm as an actress, director, singer, producer and teacher for many years. She has also been an event producer, and done every type of office manager/bookkeeper/operations job there is. Having this platform to showcase the work of the NEW business women, as well as her own is an honor and a privilege. Making new connections and building each other up is key. Current affiliations include Thespian Arts Program, The Family Repertory Company, Labyrinth Arts Collective, Darknight Productions, G Squared Productions and more. Take every day and make it great, be happy, be healthy and most important – be yourself!

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