#WoMRadio Mompreneur Model – David Nassaney – The Caregiver’s Caregiver

David Nassaney is “The Cargiver’s Caregiver” – caring for his beautiful wife Charlene since her massive stroke 22 years ago. He was sorely unprepared to deal with an angry, bitter woman who was paralyzed on her right side, with a sudden severe speech impairment. With perseverance and love, they managed to get through two years from hell until Charlene reached the acceptance phase of her grief and reinvented herself. She is now a cross between Martha Stewart and Wonder Woman. She has gone back to making wonderful gourmet food and putting on dinner parties with one arm and one leg tied behind her back so to speak.

David has made it his mission to share the message that caregivers must first take care of themselves to be effective in caring for others, and is now a best-selling author with his own popular iTunes podcast. He has appeared on network morning shows around the country, spoken at Harvard with Suzanne Somers, and most recently at the NASDAQ market site in New York City.

#WoMRadio is committed to raising awareness about bullying and we are sharing David Carraturo’s heartfelt PSA in honor of his daughter, Julianna who tragically committed suicide this year.

The episode can be heard here.

See some of David’s TV appearances here and here.

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