#WoMRadio Mompreneur Model – Arsen Marsoobian – “Papa SOOB”

Arsen S. Marsoobian, C.L.U. is an “AGELESS ATTITUDE AMBASSADOR.” whose purpose is to make a positive impact on the lives that he touches.  As life insurance agent, author, speaker, business development coach event planner and promoter of personal health and wellbeing, he always sticks to one philosophy – “SOOB”

(S) Success on a daily basis

(O) Optimism as philosophy of life

(O) Overachieve in every task

(B) Belief in the GOD of Universe

With over seven decades of experience in both government service and the private business world, he has a wealth of knowledge to share. He holds professional designation of Chartered Life Underwriter, from the American College. He was recently accepted into the JT Foxx, Self Made List of successful entrepreneurs. He is the father of three adult children and six grandchildren. He currently lives and works from his hometown of Fresno, CA.

His three books, available on Amazon are:

“Don’t Die/3 Essential Truths For Your Fulfilled and Happy Life (Regardless of Your Age)” “Beating Taxes & Cheating Death: Insider Information on Life Insurance” and “A Heartbeat Away, Are You Ready?”

His chapter “A Successful Failure” is included in “Dare To Be a Difference Maker, volume 2” by Michelle Prince.

Contact Papa Soob:

559-326-8583;  papasoob@soobent.com or arsenmarsoobian@gmail.com

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