What’s in it for me…?

My brother asked me that once…

What’s in it for me…?

We were talking about my radio show and he asked me to ask myself that very question!

I said that I started Word of Mom Radio to give women like me a voice, pure and simple. Being a mom who built a business from home, I know what it is like to have no support from your family and friends; what its like when they ask, “When are you going to get a real job”, what it is to weather the storm because you want to be home with your children.  When WoMRadio began the last thing I ever thought of was whats in it for me – it was about creating a way to empower Mompreneurs and working women, so they would know they were not alone. What truly amazes me is that because that was the “what’s in it for me” sharing others; empowering and supporting working moms…it gave me a place to bring the most beautiful woman’s voice I’ve ever known, my mom Kittie DeCarlo, to the airways again. Talk about “what’s in it for me!”

When someone dies, you feel the loss so acutely for so long, and then the pain begins to subside and eventually becomes a “sore tooth” that only hurts when you touch it with your tongue! We are never old enough to lose our mom…and mine was also my best friend…there was nothing I didn’t talk to my mom about – NOTHING! I lost my mom and a few months later, my marriage endedMommie thumb – so 1994 was a banner year for me. I have to tell you that my mom was a night club singer – a headliner – and the most glamorous woman I have ever known. This is my mom – imagine this amazingly beautiful woman was the single mother of four! Never once did I ever hear my mother complain about being a single woman – if anything, it always breaks my heart that, at 33 when she and my dad officially split, her life became the four of us! I would have loved for her to find someone to take care of her – but she was focused on taking care of us! I was 33 when my mom died – she was only 59 – and I have felt that void for so very long…and then a miracle happened!

This past Christmas my brother found 5 songs my mom recorded one night while visiting with Les Paul – yes THAT Les Paul – and my brother was able to restore them – and I have a radio show to be able to share them! What’s in it for me….I was able to bring my mom back to life…back to the airwaves…back to our family and friends who loved and miss her…and to introduce her to friends who never had a chance to meet her and love her.  Kittie DeCarlo Sharing Love From Above…if I never do another show as long as I live the “what’s in it for me” could never get any better than this!

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