VIVA Moms After Dark with Dr. Lori and Margarita

What is happening on Moms After Dark??? Tonight we are launching VIVA Moms After Dark with our hosts Dr. Lori Monaco and Margarita dè Margarita, with Dori DeCarlo as their “Roz” as they bring their amazing energies to Moms After Dark!

Dr. Lori Monaco, aka “The Badass Buddha” is the CEO of Align Yourself Inc. She is an authenticity teacher, coach, and speaker, who specializes in transformation and mindfulness practice. She offers online group and VIP coaching and workshops for educators, corporate, and laypeople (online and in-person). Lori teaches people how to LOVE more, LAUGH more, LIVE more, BE HAPPY, BE REAL, and BE THEMSELVES.

Margarita dè Margarita, The Gladiator Guru is a proud Puerto Rican/Italian Free Spirited Spit-Fire, a Rape & Molestation Survivor who is Unapologetically Courageous! Living the belief of; “I am not what happened to me. I am what I chose to become.” Margarita is a Spiritual and Creative Healing Life Coach, Creator and CEO of Cricket’s Whisper and Co-Host of VIVA Cafè con Leche, A Live platform for Real & Raw Talk about Life, Sex, Love, Laughter and more…without any filter at all.

Connect with Lori at or on Instagram @alignyourselfinc, FB/YouTube/Twitter/LinkedIn @drlorimonaco, and TikTok @thebadassbuddha and Margarita on Facebook.

We are going live Friday

January 8th with VIVA Moms After Dark from 10pm-12amET and then in podcast anytime on #WordofMomRadio.


Sharing the wisdom of women, in business and in life!

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