“Uncle Mark” Olmstead on How to Refine Our Shine!

How to Refine Our Shine!

The 5 R’s for Restoring Resilient Radiance in Our Kids

By “Uncle Mark” Olmstead


Is your child having a tough time at school?

Are you stressed or overwhelmed by work or life events?

Is there a bit too much screen-time and not enough real connection going on in your family?


There’s a simple and easy routine that can help your kids feel more self-confident, help you relax and unwind, and bring all of you closer together.


  • Realize:  No matter how today has gone, a brighter tomorrow starts tonight.

What we go to bed thinking about affects not only our dreams and how we feel when we wake up in the morning, but the quality of our creativity the next day.

So, end each day with a positive, engaging, imaginative bedtime story with your kids. It will help everyone feel and function better!


  • Reflect:  Just before dream-time, reflect back on your day together and ask the most important question of the day….

What was your brightest Shining Moment today? Maybe it was as simple as appreciating the beauty of a flower or a sunset.

Perhaps it was in an act of kindness by helping someone. Maybe it was from facing a fear and doing your best anyway, or

perhaps it was an achievement, or by making amends for a mistake and doing the right thing.

We all have bright moments in the day, no matter HOW the day went. What was your brightest one today?

note: If this practice seems challenging at first, notice how it becomes easier with practice along with the improved quality of each day!


  • Remember: Remember your Shining Moment by writing it down. Not only does this solidify the memory and increase its value subconsciously,

but it helps to create an ongoing record of Shining Moments a child can refer back to whenever they need it.

A Shining Moments journal can also be a place where other family members can share Shining Moments about your children,

to create a keepsake of loving encouragement, wisdom, and memories.

These can be invaluable over time when a child is struggling or when a family member has passed on.


  • Review: At the end of each week, review the week’s Shining Moments and decide which one still shines the brightest.

Make this the Shining Moment Spotlight for the week.

Keeping a record of these spotlights helps reveal patterns of what we find most enjoyable, and helps us track our own happiness

so we’ll know where and how to focus to keep creating even more Shining Moments.


  • Reward:  Reinforce this new habit by rewarding yourself and your kids for building the positive focus into your lives.

It may not always be easy, especially on the days when it seems as if everything has gone wrong.

But it’s worth it, and worth celebrating! Do something fun together, have an adventure, get a special treat,

or create another Shining Moment that you can all participate in together.


To make this process even more simple and easy for parents, The Adventures of The True Sunbeam has Shining Moments pages built into it.

In the coloring book, there is a signature and date line on every page so that when family members color together, a keepsake is created for the child.

And the Shining Moments pages in the back of both the story book and the coloring book include prompting questions you can use to get the conversation started.


Coming soon is The Shining Moments Journal for children of all ages to continue the habit of realizing, reflecting, remembering, reviewing,

and rewarding themselves for their Shining Moments.


To help spread kindness, you’re also invited to participate in the #InspireCareShare Campaign on Facebook and Twitter.

It costs nothing to amplify kindness and lead by example. Just visit www.TrueSunbeam.com to learn more, and SHINE ON!

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