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Dane Terrell on BlogTalkRadio                                                      Prime Time Encore!

Tuesday, June 28 Word of Mom is back in prime time with an encore conversation with Dane Terrell.  Dane grew up in San Francisco, CA. As a child, he dreamed of working in the film industry. Majoring in Radio and Television Broadcasting at San Francisco State University, he began producing community affair programming. After obtaining his B.A. in Radio and Television from San Francisco State in 2003, Dane went to work for Family Stations Networks, a non-profit, Christian organization. Dane is a poet and author. He is in the process of writing his first novel, a fantasy adventure. Dane has written five-original, screenplays and is currently writing new material. Dane has optioned a short script titled, “Sour Grapes.” At this moment, Dane is producing his first, feature film “Casey.” This is what brings him to Word of Mom because “Casey” deals with the pain of multiple miscarriages, women alcoholics and abuse and he called to share this with the amazing women who listen to the show. Join us on BlogTalkRadio June 28 8:30-10:00pmEDT for a special 90 minute encore presentation of our conversation on Word of Mom.

Renee Sullivan on BlogTalkRadio

On Thursday, June 30 at 2pmEDT/11amPDT on Word of Mom, Renee Sullivan shares Healthy Concepts and the way she has developed a successful home-based business focusing on health and wellness. MOMpreneurs continue to look for ways to find the balance between raising a family and building a business. Renee is part of Project MAHMA, a coalition of families across North America who stay at home with their kids and earn income by helping others live healthier, better and more independent lives. Project MAHMA was formed as an opportunity for mothers to have the very best for their family’s health, well-being and financial future, realize their personal potential, make a difference in the lives of others and do it all while they stay home with their kids. Join us on BlogTalkRadio and find out more about Project MAHMA and the opportunity Renee Sullivan shares.

Gina Manola on MomTV

June 30 on MomTV Gina Manola is sharing her award winning, full service design studio, Calico. Calico offers product development, design, branding, packaging design, licensing and marketing to companies in the toy, game, gift and educational publishing markets. She is also a game inventor and publisher of the card game, Notable Novelists™ which American Way magazine recently dubbed, “A Suitcase Essential”. Her clients include: Briarpatch, Peaceable Kingdom, Educational Insights, Scholastic, and Free Spirit Publishing to name a few. Gina has developed successful toy, game and gift products for the specialty and mass markets working with the leading children’s book illustrators, museums and licensed brands in the world. Her work has been honored by “100 Best Children’s Products” and “10 Best Socially Responsible Products.” Gina is a member of Women in Toys, and is actively involved in promoting the Young Inventor Challenge and the Chicago Toy & Game Group. Join us on Word of Mom at 4pmEDT/1pmPDT on MomTV.

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