The True Sunbeam – Mark Olmstead

“Uncle Mark” Olmstead is an award winning children’s author and recording artist. The Adventures of The True Sunbeam, won the International Best Indie Book Award by providing a powerful bedtime routine and toolkit for busy parents. Each book includes unique features to develop solution-focused habits and increase self-esteem while creating a family keepsake. His music has been inspiring hearts and making a difference for decades. Parents striving to raise resilient kids in turbulent times will find their job made easier with the support structure they need to strengthen love and belonging.

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When you buy 2 or more True Sunbeam books from Amazon, send us the receipt and you’ll receive TWO things:

  1. We’ll email you with a special link so that you can download the entire Star Child CD For free! All 12 songs, including Star Child itself, the companion song to The Adventures of the True Sunbeam.
  2. PLUS, you’ll be entered into a drawing! Two winners will be selected. Each will receive an autographed copy of The True Sunbeam AND a live zoom or skype chat with Ray and “Uncle Mark”!

There will be one winner chosen on November 30th and a second winner chose on December 31st!


We continue to partner with No Such Thing As a Bully and The Moment of Kindness Foundation to help bring more kindness into the world and change the language surrounding our culture, eliminating words like “bully” and “victim.”  Thanks as always to Smith Sister Bluegrass for our closing song.

The show can be heard here. 

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