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How did you end the year and begin this new one? Are you leaving things undone hoping they will take care of themselves or are you  realizing that you need to let your minds rest for a bit as we begin 2012.  Sometimes taking a step back and reflecting on the successes and near-successes of the past year gives us a renewed sense of purpose and a drive to push ourselves to the next level.  The new year is 2 weeks along and it is now time to take that deep breath and honestly decide what the year ahead is going to look like.

Have you ever seen The Secret?  A few years ago it was all the rage, but as with many things, life gets in the way.  The laws of attraction and the basic principle is that whatever we put out into the universe, we attract back.  I try to remember that we are all the writers of our own play, the authors of the scripts that govern our lives, and when we focus on the positive we empower ourselves to make our dreams reality.  No matter what happens, there is always a positive lesson to be learned – no matter how difficult the lesson – it can work to our advantage. The mind hears and focuses on the signals we send it – so focusing on the positive elements gives our minds the power to grow strong.

I have learned that my greatest achievements have come out of my lesser ones. Learning from our mistakes is the definition of intelligence – and I am striving to be as intelligent as possible!!! Even as I have been promoting Word of Mom it was time to take a step back and decide what direction the show is going to take in 2012. It is exciting as Word of Mom is going to expand in the next month to 5 shows a week and others are coming on board to host shows with me each day. It is marvelous that the good energy we have been sharing and the amazing MOMpreneurs that have taken the time to bring a part of themselves to the show week to week, is manifesting itself in such a wonderful way.

So to all of us – here is to a successful, powerful, positive 2012. May the Laws of Attraction bring you all the positive energy and success that you strive for. Surround yourself with the belief that if you see it in your minds eye you can achieve it in your daily life. Your thoughts and feelings are what you will attract into your life – so my daily resolution is to focus on the joy of life, the power of the element of surprise and the excitement of exceeding my expectations and finding the magic in each and every achievement.  In other words, I will make the best today I can.

A happy 2012 to all…

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