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The Myth of the MOMpreneur!

Why is it when people hear Mom-made they tend to think of cookies or a quilt?  How come some women bristle when called a MOMpreneur, as if that means you are not serious about your business.

Did you know it was a mom that developed a revolutionary product that changed a secretaries life when correcting mistakes. For those of us old enough to remember carbon paper for copies when you typed on your typewriter, correcting mistakes was time consuming, to say the least. Then one woman, who had always wanted to be an artist thought that if a painter can paint over things on canvas, why can’t we paint over our mistakes. This woman was  Bette Nesmith Graham and she put some tempera water-based paint, colored to match the stationery she used, in a bottle and took her watercolor brush to the office. She used this to correct her typing mistakes… her boss never noticed. Soon another secretary saw the new invention and asked for some of the correcting fluid. Graham found a green bottle at home, wrote “Mistake Out” on a label, and gave it to her friend. Soon all the secretaries in the building were asking for some, too.

Thus was the birth of the Mistake Out company – later renamed Liquid Paper. Bette worked in her kitchen when she first started and her son helped, filling bottles and taking them to her customers. Then a wonderful thing happened – she was fired from her secretarial job and her life as a MOMpreneur began! By 1967 Bette had a million dollar company. In 1968 she opened her first plant and corporate headquarters, automated production and had 19 employees. Still looking to make a difference she set up two foundations to help women find new ways to build businesses.  In 1980 she sold her company for $47.5 million!

So – I ask again – why is the image of a MOMpreneur one of a woman dabbling in business!  Week to week on Word of Mom I will continue to share women that are breaking the myths every day!  For the holiday season I will be sharing MOMpreneur Made Products that are taking the world by storm!  Tune in and find out more about these wonderful products, brought to market my MOMpreneurs JUST LIKE YOU!

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