The MOMpreneur Dance!

The Mompreneur Dance

What words can send panic into the heart of any Mompreneur?  Try “snow day” or “summer vacation.”  When I first started as a mompreneur I wanted a regular schedule and a snow day would throw me into a panic.  Summer vacations felt like a struggle as I tried to balance my life.  After being a mompreneur for about four years I know that I would rather dance than balance.

This morning my husband, my son and I sat down to plan a rhythm for our weeks this summer.  Monday is Mommy writing day and Daddy and Clayton errands and hiking day, Tuesday is Clayton camp day and Mommy and Daddy work day…Tim and I finish what needs to be done after Clayton is in bed and each day is set up to maximize both our work time and summer adventure time with our son.

Both Tim and I grew up with fathers who had their own businesses.  Neither of us were strangers to the hours that it takes to work for yourself.  Some mornings we both work and Clayton has a playdate, sometimes the playdate cancels and we need to adjust.  There is no balance, it is more of an elaborate tango.  All of it needs to happen and we have become very flexible as a family.  While there are times that our son can count on everyday like breakfast with Daddy and bedtime with Mommy, those steady rituals form a framework for the dance in between.

Is it sometimes chaotic?  Yes!  Is that bad?  Not if you embrace it.    I became a mompreneur when my son was two and my husband and I started Angelsong Creations, LLC when he was three.   I became a mompreneur because I wanted my mothering to inform my work and my work to inform my mothering.  My son knows that he is a part of our team.  He is the reason I wrote my music, wrote my book and created Mommy Jingles!  All of our work is Clayton approved.  We talk with him about business decisions and why we make them.  We talk about goals and schedules and why we need to keep them.  We dream together and encourage each other in all we do.  One of our favorite family rituals involves…you guessed it!  Dancing!

My son came up with the “happy dance.”  One day he was so happy that he did a little dance.  We adopted it, and it has become individualized and more and more elaborate.  Now, whenever someone comes home, whenever we have something to celebrate or if we just need something to celebrate we all get up and do a “Happy dance!”  The stress goes away and we reconnect as a family.

I love being a mompreneur.  I love finding ways to support moms and new families online.  I created Mommy Jingles to help parents get the fun back in their day while teaching their children and making parenting easier.  I love hearing from parents who have embraced musical parenting and I love having a life that makes me happy dance everyday.

This Thursday I am looking forward to being interviewed on Blog Talk Radio by Dori DeCarlo.  She has a wonderful show that features MOMpreneurs.  I hope you will tune in and call in!  Here is the link: Word of Mom

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