The Endless Possibilities of Life.

We live in a word of possibilities – a world of “you never knows” – and it is ours to create with each new day. So many of you send me messages saying that I inspire you, or move you; that if you are having a tough day, you’ll come to my page for inspiration or a pick me up. Many of you have blessed me by calling me an angel. I am all of these and none of them – I am just me – trying to create my way on this path of life.

I have always known I am meant to be of service; in service to those God blesses me with as my life evolves. My brother Rick was amazed that I love not having what he calls “My own home” as I have been traveling and going where I am needed most. For me, I am happy living wherever because wherever I am, I am home!

These last few months, well actually the last two years, have shown me that things mean nothing to me; my family and my friends mean everything. I trust the path that I am on. Truth be told, I don’t know where I want to grow up yet so being able to move about to help my children, my family and my friends is such a blessing to me.  This latest journey has led me back to where I grew up, close to my church, much of my family, childhood friends and the streets that I know from my youth. I am so blessed!

It seems only fitting that I “came back home”, the home I left when I graduated High School at 16.  I left for Summer Stock the same afternoon I received my HS diploma, came back in September, moved out in October and turned 17 in my own apartment. My mom always said I was ready to move out when I was 4!  I was doing theater professionally and I was loving life. By 19 I was living in Manhattan, on scholarship at Fancy Dancer and making my way in the world of a performer. I traveled, I met amazing people and was growing up to become the woman who is blessed to become – a mom, at one time a wife, and at one time the Director of Theater at Concordia College. After my marriage ended I was a single mom with 3 children who were 6, 4 and 2 – so I waited on tables, bartended, cleaned offices, did home health care and so much more when they were with their father so I could be a full time mom.  At 35 I started my own business from home and was a Mompreneur long before I knew it. A few years later I created a business from a call to discipleship at my church in response to Columbine because, as a mom, I felt the calling to keep all our children safe.

I began S1 – Safety First Bags, watched it grow from 4 bags to 16 and then had it disappear in a phone call one early evening. Rather than give up, I stepped back and am rebranding and redefining the mission to keep our schools safe. Through all of this the stepping stones were placed before me to be on the air. Social media led me to Debbie Barth and Linda Alexander and we decided to create The Three Wise Girls on BlogTalkRadio. As our show went along, I did a 2-part segment on Mompreneurs and Linda called me after the 2nd show and said that I had found my niche and that I should do a show on my own to honor the passion I have for women who build their business from home as they raise their families…and Word of Mom Radio began. We are now going to celebrate our 2nd anniversary and Word of Mom March will kick off in a few days. (Keep an eye out for the #WoMMarch hashtag!)

Life hasn’t always been easy. These last 6 months have been the toughest of my life for many reasons, yet I am blessed. My children are healthy and strong as is the rest of my family, my business is restarting, Word of Mom Radio has morphed into the Word of Mom Network and I am back in the place where the next “growing up” will happen and from here…well, we’ll have to wait and see how that evolves “hopefully ever after”.

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