Part II of Teaching Thankfulness with Debi and Elissa

Productive Play Recap

Character Trait Thankfulness 2

Aired 12/16/15

Thanks to all who tuned in to Productive Play this week. With holiday season upon us, we talked about activities that help teach and reinforce the character trait of thankfulness and gratitude! During our show we concluded last months productive play by talking about the final three activities that you can do with your child or children to encourage acts of being thankful.

After each Productive Play show, we recap the episode here on the Word of Mom Radio Blog. Everyone is busy, so if you had to tune out early, missed the original show, or need a refresher of the activities and what we discuss, this is where you can check back and find all the information you need! Have a happy and safe holiday season!

Review of 1-4 from Last Month Show

  1. Role Model
  2. Create Thankfulness Lists
  3. Thank You Notes
  4. Participate in Service Projects- check out
    1. org
    2. sorg
    3. Military Moms Prayer Group Thank You Package

Final 3 (of 7) Activities to Teach/Show Thankfulness

  1. Teach child ways to contribute to maintaining a happy and healthy home environment- give age appropriate tasks to your child like feeding a pet, taking dishes to the sink after meals, sweeping the floor etc. By a child making valuable contributions to the home, they become aware and thankful for the contributions others make to the household.
  1. Donate- gently used books, toys, or clothes to organizations. You can do this monthly or a few times a year. Have your child fill a bag or box of clothes they have outgrown or toys they no longer need and have them join you as you drop them off at a donation center.
  1. Thank you at the table before meals- whether its religious or secular, be sure to say “thank you” for the food you have at the table. It’s important to teach children that not everyone is as lucky as we are to have food and water.

Productive Play ShowThanks for stopping by Word of Mom Radio. We are quite excited for the opportunity to share ideas and activities during the monthly show of Productive Play.

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  1. Desiree December 28, 2015 at 12:15 pm #

    Recently, I started a gratitude journal. Each night I write 3-5 things I am grateful for. I’ve seen a huge shift in my sleep and my attitude. Even with my edgy attitude and potty mouth, it’s important to thank the positive around me.

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