Summer is Here and Dreams Are Coming True!

As mompreneur business owners, women in business face amazing challenges…as do all of us in business. It is not a gender thing – it is a life of a business owner. How long do you hold onto your dreams before you let them fall to the wayside and look back wondering, “What if…”? To me, “what if” are the two saddest words to have together in one thought, and ones that I have tried to avoid for years. WGrateful for everythinghen my thoughts start to drift to those words, I stop myself because I’m focused on living a mindful existence and creating the best today I can. It is not as easy as you might think – nor is it as difficult as you might imagine. Taking life one day at a time is a liberating thing to do and something I am reveling in right now.

Not only am I the host and founder of Word of Mom Radio – I am also a business owner who has worked for over 15 years to make a difference in the lives of people I will never even meet. It might seem ambitious or crazy, but each of us have it within ourselves to make a difference every day. I have built a business, watched it grow and then die in an instant – but that was only on the outside – the dream has always lived on. I have shared it throughout the years and wondered how long it would be before it was the “right time” for it to be reborn. Well – as we all know – timing is everything and I am now living my dream while awake…and it is amazing to see.

The truth is – if you don’t want to keep starting over you have to stop giving up!

StadiumBagFB Ad 1200 is a division of Safety Bags LLC, one that I created because I couldn’t get the funding for our entire product line – so the marketing person in me decided to pick 2 bags and a niche market and go for it. We launched these bags, and others, at the EdExpo in March in Nevada – and there I met with Amazon – and we were seen by Family Magazine and nominated for a Family Choice Award. Well…by May we had won the award for our Stadium Bags and were on our way to becoming an Amazon sponsored product, soon to be an Amazon sold product! Our store launched June 3rd and sales began. A few days later, I received a call from Kevin Harrington Associates about doing an As Seen On TV commercial for our bags. People have been saying for years that I should go on Shark Tank with our bags – well – as many of you know – Kevin Harrington is one of the original sharks and they found us!!! How amazing is that. Within 3 weeks I was in Florida meeting with the President and CEO of USM Studio’s and most of the amazing staff that will create our commercials and so much more! I actually brought our entire product line down for them to see and now, as my friends say, we are on that run-away train and on our way to becoming an over-night success 15 years in the making, as most “overnight” successes are.

Never give up on yourself…dreams have no expiration date!!!!

As I live my dreams I invite you to enjoy fabulous archives of Word of Mom Radio. We will be back live in September.

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