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Music Monday on #WoMRadio, is proud to share the music of Smith Sisters Bluegrass, a sister bluegrass duo located out of Orange County, California.  Formed in 2016 by Sisters Kelli Lewis and Wendi Kilman… at the suggestion of their Dad Fred Smith and in honor of him.  The overwhelming public response to their bluegrass music has proven their dad was onto something really special!

Immediately after the release of their first all original album entitled “Shoe Tree” this singing songwriting duo quickly appeared on radio interviews including Love Liberty and Lipgloss, on the morning television show Good Day Sacramentoand their music immediately aired on radio stations around the world.  In fact their music is currently charting on British & Irish Top 10 chart HotDisc UK.

Smith Sister Bluegrass duo has harmonies that are sweet and simply unmatched. Their performances combine both Classic Country and Original Bluegrass music with stories that engage their audiences.  Fans say “it’s like you’re in their home hanging out in their living room singing along and listening to their fun stories!” “Smith Sisters Bluegrass music is charming, warm and familiar.”

Here is the link to the show:  Smith Sisters Bluegrass

Connect with them online Website       YouTubeChannel     Facebook  and Instagram: @smithsistersbluegrass Twitter:@BluegrassSmith or @BoyzBeez

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