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It’s been a few weeks since Hurricane Sandy made its way into the east coast. For some it caused inconveniences such as a canceled flight home, mail going or arriving later than usual, loss of power for a few days or so, not being able to communicate with our loved ones that we tried to connect with, finding daycare for our children because schools were closed, etc. I know these are difficult to deal with and living in the east coast, my family experienced several inconveniences because of the storm. We were the lucky ones…We did not have the devastation that areas in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania  had. So I wanted to reach out to everyone. Please know that if you are still in the midst of the devastation yourself or you know of families or communities that are in need of disaster relief supplies, help is still available.
Shaklee, the company I am affiliated with through my business, offers the Shaklee Cares program. Shaklee Cares is a publicly supported, nonprofit organization, founded in 1992 in the wake of Hurricane Andrew. This charitable organization is committed to helping people directly affected by natural disasters and emergencies, as well as grass-roots citizen groups working in the impacted areas.
Shaklee Cares contributions range from food products and cleaning supplies to cash contributions and volunteering time. Since 1992, thousands of hours of Volunteer time and millions of dollars in cash and product donations have been given out to help Shaklee family members & their communities rebuild.
If you know of any families or communities that would like to apply for a Shaklee Cares disaster relief grant…or if you would like to contribute to Shaklee Cares, please contact me at or 508-320-2566 and I can assist you with either filling out the disaster relief grant application or with making a donation to Shaklee Cares.
Together we can get help to these communities and get supplies out there to those who need it. Thank you in advance for your support.
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