From Renee Sullivan – Why You Need Natural Prenatal Vitamins

Why Do I Need To Take Vitamins When I Am Pregnant?

I have had numerous requests for information on healthy eating for pregnancy. Here is some information to assist you in your desire to become educated parents so you can make informed choices for your precious baby. 

It is my pleasure to help you and it is my passion to teach parents this information. I am especially pleased to be able to give this information to people that I care about!

I talk about it in more detail in this short video Is Your Prenatal Vitamin Natural or Synthetic? 

I see a HUGE difference in the health of moms and newborns when the parents are aware of this information and implement the suggested wellness principles. They each have experienced a wonderful delivery and have a calm, healthy and happy ‘Shaklee’ baby.

If you are already pregnant and are considering “WHY SHAKLEE” and/or why Supplement, please consider the following:

  • Your body is providing nutrition for yourself AND your baby, so you really need to make sure that you are not deficient in ANY nutrient.
  • Your baby is growing very fast and his cells are dividing at a rapid rate, so he and his cells really need OPTIMAL nutrition more now than ever.
  • Our food supply today is less than stellar:
  1. It is processed, dyed, sprayed
  2. It contains pesticides, insecticides, additives, artificial ingredients
  3. It is harvested early, shipped, stored, GMO, radiated….

So even if you are eating many fruits and vegetables throughout the day every day, unfortunately you will still be deficient in many key and essential nutrients.

Therefore, natural supplements are necessary for the health and development for your precious baby to be! 

Your Resident Health Nut,


Renee Sullivan

Healthy Concepts

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