Part 1 of The Ultimate Guide to Self-Healing Techniques on Word of Mom Radio

25 holistic health experts come together to share their brave stories and teach powerful self-treatment tools and practices in this collection of healing badassery! What you have in your hands is a powerful toolkit and a rare find; the collaborative energy, effort, intention and love of over two dozen skilled practitioners and healers who’ve made their lives about helping people like you thrive! You’ll use this book as a beacon of hope, a survival guide, and a preventative practice. And you’ll want to share it with everyone you know. What if there’s something you haven’t learned yet that could change everything?

Meet this show’s guests:

Laura Di Franco is the owner of Brave Healer Productions where she helps you share your story, build your business and change the world. With three decades of expertise in holistic physical therapy, a third-degree black belt and nine books, she has a clear preference for being badass but she’s also the champion of entrepreneurs who want to grow their health-based practices. Her book publishing services, writing workshops, business strategy sessions, and online writing club are just some of the ways she helps talented professionals maximize their professional impact.

Hemali Vora is the owner of HV Health & Wellness LLC and has 20 years of experience in physical therapy and energy healing. She guides you in healing chronic illnesses, pain, traumas, anxiety, depression, grief and helps in your spiritual journey using Myofascial Release, Reiki and Integrative Nutrition.

Shelley Astrof is the author of The Knower Curriculum. With four decades in association with a Meditation Master in the Himalayas of India, she offers a unique perspective on meditation and growth of awareness. She’ll help you get grounded in Self-awareness and connect with your inner guidance, the Knower.

Izabela Adamus, PT, is a holistic physical therapist with over 29 years of experience and an expert level John F Barnes Myofascial Release practitioner. She is the owner of Wholistic Therapeutics, where she works with individuals to help them to transform chronic pain, to promote authentic healing and restoration of peak function and wellbeing.

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Back Cover Blurbs:

The Ultimate Guide to Self-Healing Techniques is an invaluable find with cutting-edge practices of healing for ourselves and our planet.  This book offers powerful and practical healing tools along with inspiring stories that can lead to true transformation of mind, body and soul.”  — Marci Shimoff, #1 NY Times bestselling author, Happy for No Reason and Chicken Soup for the Woman’s Soul

“So much wisdom and bite-sized tools packed into one book, each the life’s work of passionate, experiences healers.  I am drawn in to their stories, inspired and applying these techniques right now!”  —Margaret Lynch Raniere, author of Tapping Into Wealth, and the upcoming, Unblocked, from Hay House.

“Typically when I see ‘The Ultimate Guide’ I’m skeptical and left disappointed. This book truly delivers a tool, practice or inspiration that will align with you and assist in total mind, body, and spirit wellbeing. I would even consider this a desk reference to have handy for any occasion. Great collaboration and wonderful insights.”
—Anna Pereira, Founder of The Wellness Universe















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