MOMpreneur Management Tip #7 from Host Cena Block

Just Buy It! Get Productive and PAY For The Tools, Equipment And Help You Need So many MOMpreneurs run their businesses like their first lemonade stand.. Picture the rickety, dinged up card table set up on the sidewalk, handmade signs, huge cups for a quarter… Although an awesome slice of Americana – I’m pretty sure most parents didn’t […]

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Create Your Summer Bag – From Elissa Sungar

Yikes… the official first day of summer is days away.  Warmer weather, family barbecues, trips to the pool, soccer games and….your precious kids home all day or in a non-school routine for three months! During these three summer months, more time is often spent in the car as you shuttle between summer camps, daycare, play dates, […]

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MOMpreneur Management Tip #6 from Host Cena Block

Legitimize Your Business  This is typical of MOMpreneurs and women in general. To avoid going out big – or being too committed, many of us ‘back into’ our businesses. We set up our ‘office’ on top of our dining room (or kitchen) table – in the center of everything and expect that we’ll be successful. NOT. […]

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Dr. Lynne Kenney Shares on Word of Mom Radio

Family Therapy and More with Dr. Lynne Kenney Lynne Kenney, Psy.D., is a mother of two, a practicing pediatric psychologist at in Scottsdale, AZ, and the author of  The Family Coach Method. She has advanced fellowship training in forensic psychology and developmental pediatric psychology from Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical School and Harbor-UCLA/UCLA Medical School. Her […]

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How to Craft Your PR Pitch from Host Cena Block

How MOMpreneurs Get Press  How To Craft Your PR Pitch Imagine this scenario.. There it was, in my inbox… the request from HARO – the golden opportunity for me to finally get that big break. A perfect lead for a PR opportunity with a big syndicated network – Totally written for my expertise: How moms […]

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MOMpreneur Management Tip #5 from Host Cena Block

Get Out and Have Some Fun! MOMpreneurs juggle a huge amount of tasks daily, weekly, monthly. Some do it with more ease than others – but how?  They know how to have FUN! Anyone who knows me longer than a minute knows that I’ve been given the gift of being the Fun Vortex.  I find it […]

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A New Addition to the Family Blog from Elissa & Debi

A New Addition to the Family Blog Excited.. nervous.. happy.. scared.. grateful…jealous? These are all emotions that may be going through your child’s head when they hear another baby is on the way. Children, especially first born, will most likely at some point during the pregnancy or after the birth, have a difficult time adjusting […]

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Heather Stouffer, Founder of Mom Made Foods on Word of Mom Radio

Mom Made Foods is sold nationwide, in stores such as Target, Super Target, Whole Foods, and more, with meals, munchies and bites made the way kids like! Heather Stouffer, CEO and creator of Mom Made Foods, started her journey from Kitchen to the Grocery, in the retail food business back in 2006. Her light bulb […]

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Space Sanity by Host Cena Block

Space Sanity Strategies for Overwhelmed Work at Home MOMpreneurs  Are you a MOMpreneur who is running ragged because of your out of control office? Do you struggle to manage every piece of your life and juggle the details of several people in your family? Are there days when you just wish things were a little […]

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MOMpreneur Management Tip #4 from Host Cena Block

Create a Master Plan If you are a busy MOMpreneur struggling with creating and maintaining your goals, you must create a system to put these plans into action. NO business has ever thrived without a master plan, goals and regular adjustments. For you to successfully run a home business (and even more so if your home includes managing the details of others) […]

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