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Today at a special time, Word of Mom Radio is broadcasting LIVE at 3-4:30pmET/12-1:30PT in Schenectady, NY at the offices of Janine Kruiswijk, Executive Director of the Autism Society Of The Greater Capital Region,

Now that my children are grown, I am a transitioning MOMpreneur! What to do with myself after 25 years of being a MOMpreneur? My last 25 years as been the best of my life so far and the continuation of a dream of one day being a mommie. The dream of birthing and raising and nurturing and loving and empowering my children; giving them wings and the will to soar and then watching as they grew up and, one by one, flew away.

What is my dream now? Now that I am now looking at my life and where I want to grow up, since I am still 17 in my soul, and I just don’t know yet. So…what’s a woman to do?!?  Well – I decided to take my show on the road and see what the future holds. If this were the 1960’s I’d have a VW Van with a peace sign on the back – but this is 2012, so I have a Mini-van that I can live out of for as long as I need to!  I am not joking, my van has everything I need for WoMRadio and Safety First Bags – the company that made me a MOMpreneur! I have even thought of putting tassels on the inside of the van ahahahahaha….

My kids have been fabulously supportive – my family a bit dismayed – and my fellow MOMpreneurs excited and a bit jealous! No matter how anyone else reacts, I am so confident in my decision and excited to see what the next phase in my journey called life is.

My things are in storage, and I have moved up to upstate NY, living with my life-long friend – well I’m alone in her country house and she and her husband “live” in the city about an hour and a half away. The solitude is amazing and I am loving the peace and quiet of the mountains. After settling in, my adventures began. I spent a few weeks in MA, connecting with some of the women I had previously interviewed on Word of Mom Radio and meeting some new women as well.

Mother’s Day was a marvelous weekend as I headed back to CT to spend time with my kids. Funny – after they moved out and I was right there – they came by whenever…now that I am a few hours away…they miss me like crazy and call all the time. They can’t wait for me to visit and now LOVE spending time with me! Who knew!?!  I have always felt that, if I did the parenting thing right, the friendships would naturally begin when they were grown and no longer needed me to “mother them” as I did when they were young. I am so happy that my children know there is nothing they can’t talk about with me – on the other hand – they know there is nothing they can’t talk to me about, which encompasses and needs an entirely different mind-set from when they were young – but one I embrace as they will always be the best of my life.

I headed back to my home in the mountains and today, May 17th, I am heading to Schenectady, NY to do a live broadcast from the Autism Society of the Greater Capital Region and then going to Saratoga, NY for a live broadcast on May 19th from the Ride4Autism ~ so Autism Awareness it the goal of our next few shows. I was going to do a show in April as that is Autism Awareness month – but I decided to wait because I think we need to be aware of Autism and its rise every day!

I hope that you will join me on the journey but tuning in for Word of Mom Radio on BlogTalkRadio – like our Fan Page on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and send us emails with questions, comments and show ideas at wordofmomradio@gmail.com.

So – what happens next? I am not sure either – but I know that I will look at each day as the gift it is and love the journey as I move forward and take Word of Mom Radio anywhere and everywhere!

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