MOMpreneur Management Tip #4 from Host Cena Block

Create a Master Plan

If you are a busy MOMpreneur struggling with creating and maintaining your goals, you must create a system to put these plans into action.

NO business has ever thrived without a master plan, goals and regular adjustments. For you to successfully run a home business (and even more so if your home includes managing the details of others) you must have a master plan.  A master plan consists of:

  1. a scheduling system (calendar),
  2. a task management system (daily action files)
  3. a communication system (phone & contacts)
  4. an information retrieval system (files) and
  5. a maintenance system (project list).

When each of these systems are developed and maintained people feel much more in control of their space and can prioritize tasks more easily.

How do you keep it all together? What planning tips ideas and techniques do you use regularly to keep yourself on track?

About Cena Block

Cena Block is a successful MOMpreneur on a mission. She is a coach, speaker, author, and founder of Sane Spaces, ( and the upcoming MagnificentMompreneurs.Com – from Mom to Wow®.  Her private coaching, group programs, and teleseminars kick-start MOMpreneurs and help them thrive. She hosts ‘Managing MOMpreneur Mayhem’ a bi-weekly show on Word of Mom Radio.  To access her free training for MOMpreneurs go to You can find her @sanespaces on any of the social media sites, or contact her directly at

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