Mompreneur Tip #19 from host Cena Block

Clarifying Time Management

Time mapping your journey

Time mapping your journey

Time management is an interesting concept and basically an untrue statement. You see, you can’t really ‘manage’ time. Time exists – like oxygen, gravity and space.

So effectively managing your time doesn’t just happen. What we know is that there are some people who manage themselves more effectively within the time they have.

Those people that be, do and have whatever they want… may seem to manage their time more effectively than others – but the trick is that they really manage their work, play, activities and tasks so they can make ‘being, doing and having’ the priority.

Your life-long habits and behaviors don’t just change on their own.

Change is a process that requires strategy, planning, concentration and focused attention to daily habits.

Therefore feeling like you’re managing your time more effectively is the result of being clear about what you want to be, do and have in your life. When you are clear about what you want to be, do and have, you make decisions about HOW you spend your time.

You say NO to things and causes that don’t matter to you.

Guilt about saying no to others begins to dissipate.

Your boundaries become palpable.

Your emotions about others’ requests of you become more intense.

Your personal navigation improves.

Learning to better manage your time is an organic process that is the result of re-awakening what is important to you, and who you are in the world.

The traditional ‘skills’ of effective time management: planning, prioritizing tasks, committing to tasks and doing those that contribute to your desired goals are simply natural results of clarity.

When you’re on vacation – does the concept of time management show up? I argue no – because you are clear on your goals and intentions – and act accordingly.

To best use your time and avoid procrastination and waste, you need to do deep work:

  1. Clarify your values, settle into what is true for you, determine what you want to be, do and have – and consequently what you do NOT want to be, do or go without.
  2. Then write down your goals: personal, business, family, relational, spiritual, health, and even your famous ‘Bucket List’ – all the things you want to do and accomplish before you kick the bucket. Clear goals provide a foundation to measure your actions against. They provide direction and navigational cues as you time map your journey.
  3. Now, the test will be to stay present enough to consistently align your actions… every year, every month, every week, every day – and each moment.

What about you? Please share your thoughts challenges and ideas about how clarity and managing your time work together in the comment box below.

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