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Organize Your Space!

One of the easiest things for you to do to feel better about working is to stop, drop and get organized! Since MOMpreneurs are so busy – you need an organized space to effectively create profitable businesses and fulfilling careers!

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles/

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles/

Why Organize Your Space

The first ‘version’ of was an organizing company. I worked in people’s work and home spaces to help them get organized. As I worked with people, I realized that organizing is means to an end. Everyone’s goals were different, but getting organized is really just one step in the direction of making your life and business work. So, one of the quickest and easiest ways to get yourself motivated again – is to take the time to organize your work space.

An organized mom is generally more able to do more of what she wants to do with ease because she knows what she has, has what she needs and can find things when she needs them. When mom is NOT organized, the entire family suffers. AND when mom is attempting to run an entire business in the time she’s given, being organized is essential to feeling productive and less stressed.

The challenge for most mompreneurs is that many of us diminish the necessity of this particular activity and it’s impact on our success. Without your space working for you, one of your key dimensions of support will be broken. Without adequate attention to maintain your systems, your business may need to shut down often – or heaven forbid – you may be headed a critical failure.

Five Easy Ways To Organize your Space

  1. Avoid Distractions. Determine a chunk of time in your schedule to get organized, set aside a time block, and stick to it. Push till you complete what you start. Try to avoid breaking your organizing stride with interruptions. If you do, you run the risk of feeling LESS organized in the long run!
  2. Start Small. If you have a limited amount of time but are feeling the need to organize, pick somewhere contained and start small. Choose a desk drawer, dump it and get rid of un-necessary things. Keep only what you need and love. Creating a small, contained organized space is a big win and can be very motivating.
  3. Suit Your Style. Each person has a different sense of style. Some people feel more organized when things are tucked away, while others feel more organized when they can see everything out in the open. Whatever your style – organize to make yourself ‘feel’ more in control and less stress. If you like clear surfaces, make sure you create systems that can keep items tucked away. If you like to ‘see things’ then be sure to create files and give them homes so you know where to locate items and put them away when you’re done.
  4. Follow the FAT Formula.  If you don’t have very much time – sometimes just the act of ‘sorting’ your piles can be helpful. The ‘FAT’ sorting process is credited to the great Barbara Hemphill. Here’s what she says: Create three piles and be sure to label them ‘File’, ‘Act’, and ‘Toss’.  Choose a pile of papers – no more than two inches high. Now, simply sort your papers. If the item already has a file created and just needs to find its way there – put it in the File pile. If a paper requires ANY action – (even if it is to create a new file folder for the item) it must go into the ACT pile, then – anything you don’t need to keep or take action on should be put into the ‘TOSS’ pile.  This simple process can reduce the daunting task of ‘getting organized’ into it’s simplest form and will help you layer your decisions.
  5. Create broad, intuitive file names. Be sure that you label everything when you begin to file items. Some people make the mistake of feeling like they need to organize ‘perfectly’. There’s no PERFECT way to file – but what you need to really pay attention to is naming your files in ways that make sense to you! Keep file names simple and easy to maintain. You may also consider pairing your digital files to their equivalent paper files.

Additional Motivators To Getting Organized

Create touch and go systems that you can jump in and out of and still know what you need to do when you come back. Work with a pro to create files, e-organizing tools and reminder/scheduling systems that work for you and your style.

If you need help, check out any of the following:

  • Try my Get Organized Self-Paced Workbook! This Guidebook is like hiring a professional organizer to work through your space with you.  It provides the entire step-by-step process you would go through with a professional organizer, along with guidelines and checklists, and everything you need in your toolbox to be successful.
  • Download my Ebook: Time To Toss It here, or on get a copy for your Kindle on This ebook provides guidelines on how long you need to keep common household items, papers, medications and records.
  • If you are just getting started and would like the motivation of staying on track with tips and weekly organizing projects, my ‘Get Organized To Keep Your Family Sane’ ebook and self-paced audio course is for you.
  • Or for one on one support contact me and let’s schedule a Discovery Call to see if I can help.

What  tips do you have to help MOMpreneurs get their spaces organized?

Please add your suggestions, comments and ideas to the comments  below!

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