MOMpreneur Tip #12 from Host Cena Block

MOMpreneur Management Tip – SAY NO!

MOMpreneurs juggle so many tasks daily, weekly, and monthly. While some MOMpreneurs do it with more ease – ’tis always a mystery how they do it?

Whether you are in the pre-contemplation stages, early or developing stages of your business, MOMpreneurs above all other entrepreneurs tend to truly believe in the illusion of “BALANCE” – and KILL themselves to strive for it.

And therein lies the rub of motherhood and owning your own business: Sometimes it can easily feel like you have no balance at all when you are handling it all.

Just say NO

Saying yes to everything stems from a mindset of feeling deep down inside that you have to say yes to gain acceptance, be liked or even darker… be ‘worthy’ of another person’s attention.

Yep, that’s the dark side behind that wee little habit of saying yes… the deep– seated feeling of not being worthy. UGH! Now who wants to spend time in that place?

I certainly don’t, and you shouldn’t have to either.

The secret to getting out from under the feeling that everything is on your shoulders is to simply say no. And if you’re a chronic yes-er this will prove to be nearly impossible when you begin. But if you want to feel instant relief from all that pressure from others, begin saying no to non-essential things today.

Try saying no to someone you trust. If you are really uncomfortable saying no to other people who ask you to do things or who put demands on your time, try saying no experimentally at first. Talk to your friend and let her know that you are working on setting clearer boundaries for yourself and trying to better manage your time. Ask for her to be your accountability partner in the process. Ask her to listen for when you say yes to things you don’t want to say yes to and ask her to check you on that. by enrolling the help of someone you trust, and asking them to help you be accountable you will lighten the burden of saying no and find some support in the areas that you need.

You can create a better balance in your life. You can manage your time and focus on your priorities. Identifying what is critical to you feeling good about your life, and then saying no to everything that is non-essential cuts your internal clutter and allows you to focus on the most important things.

Being a MOMpreneur means you need to work toward being crystal clear about where you are adding the most value at any given time. Get clearer by saying NO to anything that “feels” wrong to you.

What strategies do you use to Just Say No as a MOMpreneur business owner? Please share your wisdom in the comment box below!

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