How MOMpreneurs Maintain Sanity from Host Cena Block

Since moms are so busy – in order for MOMpreneurs to maintain their sanity, it’s critical to for them to have their Sanity Dimensions™ in place whether you wish to create a profitable business or have a fulfilling career!

What Are Sanity Dimensions™

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Your Sanity Dimensions™ are what I refer to as your spaces, your systems that are in place for everything you do, your self care, and your support. When all four of these dimensions are equalized and working for you, you are much more able to balance what’s already on your plate – and have the room to respond to any emergencies that may pop up.

How To Maintain Your Sanity Dimensions™

In order to create a life that works; what some may refer to as balance, it is important for you to know how to find and return to equilibrium. When aiming for the much-coveted, often missed ‘life-balance’ state, a metaphor that works well is an iceberg.

When an ice sheet cleaves from a glacier during the spring thaw, several huge chunks of ice are let loose into the coastal waters. Since ice is buoyant and lighter than water,  an ice chunk (iceberg) floats and turns (sometimes for days) in the harbors until they find balance’ or their equilibrium. When they do – it’s interesting to note that MOST of the volume and weight of the iceberg (actually as high as 90%) is submerged and therefore not visable on the surface…

An iceberg works well as a metaphor for life balance, as all the submerged parts of the iceberg (remember this represents nearly 90% of it’s volume) can be seen as underlying causes. If you often experience stress, breakdown, disorganization, overwhelm, chaos and clutter as a way of doing business, I would bet that the lion’s share of the causes for those experiences are submerged – and can be found by adequately analyzing and redefining the spaces in which you do work, the systems (or lack of systems) in place, the amount of time spent in self-care, and the level of support you receive on a daily basis.

In order to maintain your Sanity, you have to focus on analyzing and aligning your Sanity Dimensions™.

When assessing life balance for mompreneurs, we begin with a really visceral idea of how you want to ‘feel’ on a daily basis… Because feelings truly guide most of what we do – by adequately understanding how you want to feel consistently, we can explore your Space(s), your Systems, your Self (habits and behaviors) and your Support layers that are in place to help you do what you need to do.  Each Sanity Dimension™ is critical for you to not only understand, but to regularly check and maintain.

Iceberg-Graphic-DimensionsTo check the health of your Sanity Dimensions™ – take advantage of the free assessments located on the right side of my blog:

If you’d like to discuss getting the support you need to run your business more effectively (or launch your business) – contact me and let’s schedule a Discovery Call to see if I can help.

What tips do you have to help MOMpreneurs maintain their Sanity Dimensions™? What dimensions are particularly difficult for you to maintain?

Please add your suggestions and ideas to the comments below!

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