Mompreneur Model – Tenacity, Service & Faith – updates on Dori & Traci #WoMRadio

On today’s Mompreneur Model Show, hosts Dori DeCarlo and Traci Timmons share recent developments in their lives and most particularly with Word of Mom Radio, as well as with and Safety Bags, Inc.   Any entrepeneur who puts a strict timeline on the financial success of their business is almost destined to fail.  There WILL be obstacles in your way, and you must find a way to go on.

Safety Bags started as a way to help schools become gun and drug free after Columbine.  Traci became a health coach to help others achieve optimal health, after she was blessed to learn about mindful choices on nutrition and fitness and then make began a healthier lifestyle.  Both Traci and Dori mentor others in theatre, business, social media, music, etc.  – often pro bono.  If you work in service of others, the energy you give is returned to you many times over.

Earlier this week, we were proud to announce that Stadium Bags has now gone global.  Amazon launched sales in England, France, Italy, Spain, Germany and Canada.  We are being invited to join trade shows, catalogues and to be a part of the dialogue to make clear bags mandatory anywhere people should be safe.  Word of Mom continues to gain momentum and connect with amazing people, who then connect with each other and all of us grow together.  That’s what it’s all about.

Stay tenacious friends, YOU CAN DO IT!  Whatever it is, serve others and have faith and you will get there!

#WoMRadio is committed to raising awareness about bullying and we are sharing David Carraturo’s heartfelt PSA in honor of his daughter, Julianna who tragically committed suicide this year.

About Traci Timmons

Traci is excited to be a host on Word of Mom Radio. Dori DeCarlo has been a friend and inspiration since childhood. She loves to share her knowledge about healthy habits, nutrition and fitness as a certified health coach. She also loves being in charge of Music/Movie/Entertainment Mondays, as she has been an actress, director, producer and teacher for many years. She currently teaches through her own company Thespian Arts Program as well as Forbes Music. She is doing theater with The Family Repertory Company and Darknight Productions.

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