Mompreneur Model – Arts Education for Better Students and Mental Health airdate 7/12/18

In the past few weeks as we have been starting our Mindful Healthy Habits series with Traci & Ellen, as well as covering many of the companies I work with in the arts community in New York City for Music/Matinee Mondays, it has helped me to clarify in my own mind what I do.

And it boils down to this: I help people.  I get the greatest joy and satisfaction from helping someone figure out what they need and how to get it.  I help push people past their preconceived boundaries so they can stretch their limits and try things they never thought possible.

Sometimes, this is as an Optavia Health Coach, setting a client up with a nutrition plan to help them reach optimal health.  Some clients have an idea of what they want to accomplish and how to go about it.  Many discover so many brand new things about themselves, their psyche around nutrition and their blocks regarding fitness.

Sometimes this is as a teacher, director, producer and mentor of actors, singers and writers.  Through my work with The Runaway Theater Company, which led me to Darknight Productions, which led me to The Family Repertory Company and then on to G Squared Productions and Labyrinth Arts Collective; I have been challenged and pushed and supported, which has allowed me, in turn to support others on their journey of exploration and creativity.

As an actress and a singer I bring joy to my own heart and to the audiences who watch me.

As an aunt I love my nieces, nephews and godchildren more than life itself, and enjoy spending time with them, creating memories.

And here at Word of Mom Radio Network, I help to give women in business a voice.  Carrying on the legacy began by my great friend and colleague, Dori DeCarlo, we help empower, educate and shine a light on Mompreneurs.

I do not say all of this to pat my own back or toot my own horn or to look for accolades of any sort.  I say this because I have always been a determined, hard working person who set goals and went after them.  But NOW I am a woman on a mission.

We live in a world that has become colder and more detached, even as it gets smaller and smaller thanks to major advances in transportation and technology.  Violence, anger and abuse are prevalent in the news, celebrities and young people are committing suicide and it would be easy to feel helpless and hopeless.

Yet, in the midst of taking some of the biggest risks I have ever taken, I am energized and happy and less anxious than I have been in a long time.  And I truly believe this is because I have a purpose.  I live out loud as my authentic self and am happy to help others do the same.

So this week, the Mompreneur Model show speaks about Arts Education.  And I believe that this is ONE example of helping people to live with a purpose, reducing stress, anxiety and depression in their lives.  But most importantly we need to support each other, care about each other, and give people permission to follow their hearts and pursue their dreams and do everything we can to support this.

#Mompreneur Model focuses on how the presence of the Arts in our lives and in our education can help us in so many ways.  We share data and studies showing the positive effects on health patients, students in school and particularly for people suffering from anxiety and depression, the focus of our Mindful Healthy Habits this week.

Traci’s Arts Education Company, Thespian Arts Program, or TAP strives to bring arts eduation to all in a nurturing environment.  Our show today simply hopes to open up further dialogue towards using arts therapy and arts education for both health and educational purposes.

#WoMRadio is committed to raising awareness about bullying and we are sharing David Carraturo’s heartfelt PSA in honor of his daughter, Julianna who tragically committed suicide this year. Join the facebook community.  

Thank you again Smith Sisters Bluegrass for our wonderful closing song!

The show can be heard here.

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About Traci Timmons

Traci is proud to help share the wisdom of women as the producer and co-host on the Word of Mom Radio Network. She loves being in a partnership with Dori DeCarlo who has been a friend and inspiration since childhood. When she agreed to join the team here at WoMRadio, she never imagined how fully it would become part of her life, and how meeting so many powerful and incredible women - sharing their stories and helping to empower them and build their businesses – would be so fulfilling and FUN! Traci has worked in the theatre and entertainment realm as an actress, director, singer, producer and teacher for many years. She has also been an event producer, and done every type of office manager/bookkeeper/operations job there is. Having this platform to showcase the work of the NEW business women, as well as her own is an honor and a privilege. Making new connections and building each other up is key. Current affiliations include Thespian Arts Program, The Family Repertory Company, Labyrinth Arts Collective, Darknight Productions, G Squared Productions and more. Take every day and make it great, be happy, be healthy and most important – be yourself!

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