MOMpreneuer Management Tip #3 from host Cena Block

Mend Your Mindset

MOMpreneurs juggle a huge amount of tasks daily, weekly, monthly. Some do it with more ease than others – but how? Vacation? Time? Independent wealth?

And therein lies the rub of motherhood and owning your own business: Sometimes it can easily feel like you have no choice. There is no day off, breaks or vacation UNLESS YOU MAKE TIME TO DO IT.

We are taught to identify with the mind and our thoughts… and for many – our thoughts not only lead us down our life’s path, but also keep us stuck. Our minds tend to remind us about our fears, and about all the things that are in our way…

Mend your Mindset

Frankly the first time I’ve heard of “Mindest”, I didn’t know what it was. Well, after a quick search, I realize that it’s a word that has grown from the 1930′s – combining Mind and Set to form “habits of mind formed by previous experience,” 1934, from mind (n.) + set (v.).

Mindset is an attitude, disposition or belief system. Often we are unaware of our mindset.  Most of our mindsets are made up of our stories we’ve hung onto for years about things that have happened.

The good news is that Mindset is 100% imagination, and 100% alterable when you figure out what yours is.

How is it possible to mend your mindset?

First, recognize that mindset is in charge of how you feel is the first step. When you hear your inner voices knocking you around… that is usually a mindset conversation! Once you begin to raise your awareness and hear it, you’ll begin to make significant changes.

The second is to push back into the “story” of the meaning in your mind. These stories have existed from experiences in the past that you’ve created stories about. In order to fix your mindset, you must begin by uncoupling those damaging stories from the actual experiences, and then begin to work through them and let them go – one by one.

Sorting out those pieces is a matter of working from the inside out.

So how do we overcome that deep mind-set…?

Get in action.


Get out there!

Do what you want.

Be intentional.

Be rigorous.

Be a stand.

Be ruthless with your own health and well-being.

Be in your body and enjoy your life!

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