Mindful Healthy Habits with Traci & Ellen – best of 2018

Co-hosts Traci Timmons and Dr. Ellen Ferranti started this show to bring our audience all the information we can about how to achieve optimal health in YOUR life. This starts with defining what that means and how to find the support you need on the best path for YOU to get where you would like to be, with a healthy BODY, MIND, SPIRIT and FINANCES.

We share part of two episodes, the premiere where we ask What is optimal health? What is a health coach? Do YOU need a health coach? How do you find one? What is a health assessment?

And then part of our discussion on Anxiety and Depression. In our effort to share as much information as we can to help those affected, we began to seek practical coping methods.  Ellen’s daughter, Alexandra Ciobanu, is studying for a Masters in Mental Health Counseling.  She shares informaton about DBT therapy, one of the new ways we are starting to treat anxiety and depression.

40 million adults in the US aged 18 or older (18.1% of the population) suffer from anxiety disorders.  Most are easily treatable YET only 36.9% of these people receive treatment. Nearly half of those diagnosed with depression also have an anxiety disorder. We MUST end the stigma surrounding mental illness helping those who are suffering to open up and get the help they need.

Traci Timmons~ Co-Host & Co-Producer — Is an actress, singer, director, producer and teacher, as well as a health coach certified by Villanova University’s Center for Obesity Prevention and Education.  She is on the production teams of Darknight Productions and The Family Repertory Company.  She also specializes in theatre and arts education through her own company the Thespian Arts Program, as well as teaching voice and piano with Forbes Music Company.  She has not given birth to any children herself, but loves being the favorite aunt/godmother to the children of her sister, cousins and close friends.

DrEllen Ferranti, MD is a board certified internist in New York, New York.  She studied Medicine at The New York Medical College.  She currently practices with her husband Dr. Niculae Ciobanu, MD FACP-CEO SCS, at Stem Cell Sciences, Inc.  She has practiced as an internist, attending physician, medical director and in quality control and utilization review.  She has also instructed others as an assistant professor, clinical and faculty instructor, advisor and co-ordinator. She is a member of ACP, AMWA, ACPE, NYSHC, HRN as well as a wife, mom, horse owner and founder of Wisdom Without Wrinkles with Dr. Ellen.  She is dedicated to helping others find optimal health in body, mind, spirit and finances.

We continue to partner with No Such Thing As a Bully and The Moment of Kindness Foundation to help bring more kindness into the world and change the language surrounding our culture, eliminating words like “bully” and “victim.”  Thanks as always to Smith Sister Bluegrass for our closing song.

The show can be heard here. 

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About Traci Timmons

Traci is proud to help share the wisdom of women as the producer and co-host on the Word of Mom Radio Network. She loves being in a partnership with Dori DeCarlo who has been a friend and inspiration since childhood. When she agreed to join the team here at WoMRadio, she never imagined how fully it would become part of her life, and how meeting so many powerful and incredible women - sharing their stories and helping to empower them and build their businesses – would be so fulfilling and FUN! Traci has worked in the theatre and entertainment realm as an actress, director, singer, producer and teacher for many years. She has also been an event producer, and done every type of office manager/bookkeeper/operations job there is. Having this platform to showcase the work of the NEW business women, as well as her own is an honor and a privilege. Making new connections and building each other up is key. Current affiliations include Thespian Arts Program, The Family Repertory Company, Labyrinth Arts Collective, Darknight Productions, G Squared Productions and more. Take every day and make it great, be happy, be healthy and most important – be yourself!

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