May 12 on Word of Mom

This week’s line-up is filled with amazing women empowering other women!  If you haven’t noticed, it is a recurring theme here on Word of Mom.

On BlogTalkRadio Thursday Leela Francis and Randi Markel are joining me to share Vivapreneur Academy.  These two women have developed an on-line academy created to empower women to be strong business women – not pretend men – in the business arena.  The second season of Vivapreneur Academy begins in September and continues until March. They have assembled a fantastic faculty and are committed to the education, encouragement and empowerment of women worldwide.  VPA  is offering courses in Branding, Social Media, Strategic Alliances, Internet Marketing, Communication and Business Coaching to lay the foundation and create the results that you are looking to achieve.   Women are coming together to make changes in our businesses,  relationships and communities so that future generations will  flourish in the richness of our success. Harness your feminine power; create, live and do business the Viva way. Join us on Word of Mom at 2pmEDT/11amPDT and find out how to become part of this amazing academy dedicated to YOUR success.


Onto how to find organization and balance in your home and business life on MomTV!  Enter Lynne Twigg, founder of Lynne Marie’s Organizational Style.  One of the chief problems we encounter as we walk the line of raising a family and building a business is keeping track of all you have to do. Becoming more organized can help increase productivity both at home or in any business.  The strategies and tactics professional organizers have cultivated can be used by individuals or corporations for more efficient use of time and space. Each organizational experience begins with you. Your office is space and it must exude your personality for the maximum result.  Discuss your personality and preferences with Lynne as she guides you in the organizational process. Your input fused with Lynne’s expertise ensures your time is spent showing off amazing results, not creating them.  That is where Lynne becomes your transformation partner.  Tune in to Word of Mom at 4pmEDT/1pmPDT and see how she can keep you on track!

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