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Mary Kathryn Johnson joins me on The MOMpreneur Model Show Thursday, November 7th at 11amPT/2pmET on Word of Mom Radio – the show for MOMpreneurs – the NEW Business Woman.

Author ~ Entrepreneur ~ Mom to 2 boys, 2 Aussies, a Cat and 3 businesses, who still finds time to be wife to an amazing man for more than 30 years.

In September, 2001, Mary fell and broke both her legs when she was 8 months
pregnant with her second son.  She vowed that if she could find the strength to survive
that situation with her baby, legs and sense of humor in tact…she could do ANYTHING!
18 months later, she started the first online novelty maternity business, Success breeds confidence, and creating and managing a business gave Mary the confidence to write the story of her ʻbroken legs while pregnantʼ experience, entitled, “Say Bump and Take a Left.”
Self Publishing her book provided the opportunity for Maryʼs next business,, where she helps MOMpreneurs tell their stories and self publish them.  Throughout the fifteen years Mary has been a mom, ten of them have been spent as an entrepreneur.  Recently, she put two and two together…2 children and 2 businesses…and realized that she was only one of many parent entrepreneurs who use the same skills for success in both parenting and business.
This realization gave birth to her third business,  Mary has now created a Parent Entrepreneur Headquarters, showcasing the many skills and facets of the two main components of her life, and the lives of countless others. Through this latest venture, Mary is providing research, articles and a podcast highlighting the success stories and learning experiences of many other successful parent entrepreneurs, like Pat Flynn of, Tamara Monosoff of
Mom Inventors, and Dori DeCarlo of Word of Mom Radio.
Maryʼs motto continues to be, “Walk like you know where you are going, and you will surely get there! Just try not to break your legs along the way.”
Be sure to join us on Word of Mom Radio Thursday, November 7th and if you can’t tune in at 2pmET – remember – our archives make us LIVE on your time!

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