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Using Your Mom Blog to Launch Your Freelance Business

It seems like everybody has a blog these days. While creating your own blog can be a fun outlet for your creativity, it can turn into more than that if you’re savvy.

In fact, you can turn your mom blog into a full-fledged freelance business by following these basic steps.

{Your children won’t actually be able to help you with your blog, but they’ll certainly give you something to write about. / Image Courtesy of Flickr}

Your children won’t actually be able to help you with your blog, but they’ll certainly give you something to write about. / Image Courtesy of Flickr

Set Up Your Blog

The obvious first step is to set up your blog. Pick a platform that you like using and that feels comfortable. A lot of people like WordPress, but there are other options out there.

Once you choose a platform, you can start working on a distinctive design that will set your blog apart from all of the others.

Create Content

So, your blog is set up and the basic design is in place. What next?

The next thing you need to do is focus on generating content every single day. While creating quality content that will engage your readers is important, what exactly you choose to write about isn’t quite as important.

You can write about your experiences as a mom, your children, or you can even share recipes that are great for kids. Your topics should be varied but useful to other mom’s and the audience you think will be reading your blog.

Writing reviews of products that other mom’s might be interested can also help you get attention when you’re first starting out.

Make sure you write and post at least once per day so you can start accumulating quality content.

Join a Community

There are other mom blogs out there, and getting involved in the community is essential. Start by doing a simple Google search for blog communities and other moms writing blogs.

Save all of their RSS feeds and put them in Feedly. That way you can go through the blogs in your feed once per day to make comments on new posts in order to engage and interact with other bloggers.

The more you comment, the more they’ll get to know you and feel like you’re part of the community too.


Giveaways are an excellent way to attract people to your blog. When you first start out, you can buy the items yourself or get local businesses to sponsor your giveaway.

If you do go the giveaway route, make sure you pick something that your audience will actually want. A dull prize won’t generate much positive attention for your blog. Also, having a nicely formatted giveaway definitely helps; Rafflecopter in particular is a great and popular system many bloggers use.

You can also promote other people’s giveaways. The more you do that, the more the other bloggers with bigger followings will be likely to promote yours, which will help you attract more attention to your blog.

Once you start getting daily content and views, you can start promoting in giveaway directories or giveaway linkies.

Now What?

Once you’ve started generating some traffic, building links and adding followers, you can figure out what direction you really want to take your business in. Do you want to focus on giveaways and reviews, or would you rather branch out into social media promotion?

If you do decide to sell something, connect your blog to your products with an Etsy store, or simply set up a PayPal account so customers can make payments for products directly.

Selling clothes for kids is just one of many ways you could make money using your blog. / Image Courtesy of Flickr

Now that you’ve established your business that doesn’t mean you can stop writing your blog or working to engage the community. In fact, keeping up with creating engaging content and networking through your blog will be more important once you actually have the business going than it was before!

It might sound like a lot of hard work, and it very well might be, but it will pay off in the end.

Marcela De Vivo is an online marketing entrepreneur who began her career as a freelance writer. Her blog posts covered everything from health, marketing, music, travel and technology. Now she runs her own company that helps businesses increase their online visibility through social networking and unique content development.

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