MOMpreneur Management Tip #9 from Host Cena Block

Drop The “Practically Perfect” Racket

 MOMpreneurs juggle so many tasks daily, weekly, and monthly. Some mompreneurs do it with more ease than others – but how? Vacation? Time? Independent wealth?

And therein lies the rub of motherhood and owning your own business: Sometimes it can easily feel like you have no choice but to handle it all.   This is further complicated by the fact that many MOMpreneurs feel that everything that happens with their business must be as close to perfect in order for it to work.

Perfectionism is very difficult for many mom entrepreneurs to manage.  Although the common belief is that perfectionism comes from a need for things to be right and polished,  the dark side of perfectionism  is truly a fear of failing or being wrong.  This is the shadow side that no one seems to talk about.

One of the most important things to balance is the need for a “practically perfect” product.  Just like the common term analysis paralysis where one can analyze things over and over again and never get a clear result,  there is such a thing as perfection paralysis.  People who struggle with perfectionism also struggle with a common entrepreneurial disease: failure to launch.  If this describes you perhaps it’s time to drop the “practically perfect” expectation.

Success comes from action.  Perfectionism slows action.  They also know that no matter how hard you try – NOBODY is PERFECT!

When I participated in the landmark forum many years ago, I learned about the concept called a ‘racket’ = a constant way of being for you + a constant complaint about it.  Otherwise known as a martyr-story. The idea that there is even a definition of perfect anything – is kind of an anti-universal truth – or rather a universal lie! I’m going to share a secret here: You’re not perfect. Neither am I. Neither is she. Nor that woman over there. Nor that PTA President. Not even… OPRAH…

So if perfectionism stands in your way or is slowing your launch cycle I invite you to ease up… Consider dropping it and stepping into the possibility of everyone who will be helped along the way with what you have to offer.

When you are finally able to let go,  you may find more space to breathe in, and out.  You may also make more room for shifting your expectations, and being at peace with what is currently in your life.  When you stop holding yourself up to some hypothetical mirage of perfection,  you may just find freedom and joy again in your business.

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