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Most of my female clients (and especially those who are moms and MOMpreneurs) struggle MOST with asking for and setting up the support structures they need  for their own success.

Support is the single biggest hurdle to cross when launching, juggling and eventually being able to effectively create profitable businesses and fulfilling careers!

Do you have real SUPPORT? Or “Shadow” support?

Shadow-Support-300x187Some of my clients (and many of my mom-friends who don’t run their own businesses) have what I refer to as“shadow” support.

They’ve done it to themselves…  they have people in place (employees, assistants, contractors, childcare) but they are what I refer to as ‘shadow people’. In other words, these people are showing up – but they’re not fully engaged, not fully in… resentful, tired, and relatively unpleasant about their presence and commitment to do the job you’ve asked of them.

Take a look around you and assess your supporters.

Are they really there FOR YOU?

Do they really want to SUPPORT your business and the lifestyle that you are building toward. OR – Do you have Shadow Support??

Are they there because they are ‘doing you a favor’ or worse… are you doing them the favor of taking care of their egos by employing them or making them feel needed?

The difference between real support and shadow support can be compared to pushing a coaster car up a hill, vs. strapping yourself in and riding one that is soaring over the tracks at top speeds…. Take an inventory of your support people. Are they truly supporting you? OR…Be honest… are YOU supporting them?

Have you offered them a position or job because of your pity?

Did they need a job?

Are you feeling sorry for them?

Are you filling your need to take care of people?

REALLY – Check yourself here…

Sometimes this one area is the lynch pin between your success and failure.

If your supporters really aren’t supporting you, and rather – sucking the life out of you and your business… it’s time to clean house. You deserve to get support that is all in, and working for you, not against you.

Is it time for you to clean house? What is your biggest support gap now? Please let me know in the comments below!

If you’d like to discuss getting the support you need to run your business more effectively (or launch your business) – contact me and let’s schedule a Discovery Call to see if I can help.

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