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As a MOMpreneur myself, my business was part of my identity. I was the lady with the clear bags and backpacks – the classiest “bag lady” out there.  Well, along the journey as my children grew, my home became a place where other people’s children came when they were having problems at home. Whether they lived with us for a day a week or a year, I was that place. Well, one day I took my friend’s son in to keep him out of foster care – it was suppose to be for two weeks and I wound up taking legal guardianship of him for a year and a half. My children were 18, 16 and 14 at the time and he was 14 months old! Needless to say – my entire life changed having a toddler back in the picture. I went from a “chef and chauffeur” as moms do as their children grow, to a full-time mommy to a toddler. It was quite an adjustment.

Having a 14 month old in your life, and a full-time home-based business, as many of you know, is quite a challenge. It is what set me on the social media journey that has led me to where I am now – life reinventing me!  I was no longer able to travel as freely as I was doing because it is simple to have someone stay at your house when you are away and get the kids on the bus and pick them up from practice or games and reheat dinners I had prepared. It is much harder to have someone come in and have to take care of a toddler – much harder – so I had to put my computer to better use.  For the first time in my parenting life, I was dealing with day-care.  With my 3 kids I remained a full-time mom, even though I was a single mom since they were 6, 4 and 2…I worked when they were with their dad and stayed home with them. This was not an option with Jared – I tried working from home with him there – but it was just impossible. Maybe if he had been mine from the start I would have been able to get into a routine, but trying to create a working routine was really impossible – so day-care to the rescue. Even my children’s father became part of the picture – he would pick up Jared for me if I had a conference or meeting to go to and wouldn’t be back in time.  He even started to take him one Sunday a month to give me a break. Well…long story short…he was able to go back to his mom and life went back to the way it was – but my social media journey continued. (BTW – I still have a little hole in my heart where my son Jared will always be – make no mistake – after a year and a half, I gave my son back to his mother.)

So, my foray through on-line relationship marketing led me to BlogTalkRadio. First with a show called The Three Wise Girls with my co-hosts Linda Alexander and Debbie Barth. As we were doing the show I did a 2-part segment on MOMpreneurs and, as Linda said, I found my niche and Word of Mom Radio was born. As the show has evolved, so have I. We have a Business Spotlight on Tuesdays and Janice Clark hosts her Social Media “Help NOT Hype” Show where she really delves into all things social media. On September 18th Janice did a show on LinkedIn and we went over my profile. I had done my LinkedIn profile based on my business, Safety First Bags, and that is how it read. I added Word of Mom Radio to my bio and left it at that.

Well, as Janice was sharing her fabulous tips on making your profile really reflect who you are and what you do in a way that others want to connect with you – I realized that, while I am a business owner – I am “known” out here because I am the host of Word of Mom Radio and a proud MOMpreneur! That is now how my “title” on my profile reads and my bio reflects the show first, then my business and then the other business experience I have had.

Once again, Life Reinvented Me and I am embracing that fact. I am the host of Word of Mom Radio and proud of it. I am re-branding my business to reflect where the market really is – and going from there. Life is an amazing journey and we all have to be open to where the path leads us. It may not be where we expected it – but – as I truly embrace that first and foremost I will always be a MOMpreneur at heart, even though my children are now grown and gone on their own journeys and then look at what I “do” – I am the host of Word of Mom Radio and then a business owner! Ah life…you never know where it will take you…I just know I am loving the ride and hope you are as well. Don’t fear life reinventing you – it is how it is meant to be.

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3 Responses to Life Reinventing ME!

  1. Renee Sullivan September 25, 2012 at 1:18 pm #

    I love to hear stories of how people’s businesses (and reinventions) came to be. I truly believe in things happening for a reason. Jared came into your life to show you the “new way” of doing business. You are a pioneer in networking with women. I know I speak for many women (and men) out there that we are greatful for the Word of Mom BlogTalk radio, so that we can hear about the amazing women on your show. We’re very excited about how much the show has grown and continues to grow.

    Jared is a blessing and so are you.


    • Dori DeCarlo September 25, 2012 at 1:51 pm #

      The saddest PS to my story with Jared is that he eventually wound up being taken from his mom anyway and put into foster care. It was hard for my children and me to find out, because he was their little brother as well. I pray that the home he found is a loving one and that somewhere, the memory of the love and security he felt in our home will stay with him forever.
      It is always interesting how people reinvent themselves all the time. Some of us do it kicking and screaming and some of us do it without even realizing it has happened.

      • Renee Sullivan September 27, 2012 at 1:19 am #

        It is sad that he had to be taken from his mother, but in his situation it was better for him to be in a home with people that could love and properly care for him. I have faith that God helped put him where he belongs and he is thriving because of the experiences he had with your family, and the experiences of the family that he lives with now.

        I think that if we don’t reinvent ourselves every now and then, we’ll get complacent and we won’t grow.

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