Liberata Dance Theater partners with MIST Harlem to give a wonderful Caribbean Summer Solstice celebration!

Liberata Dance Theater headed up by the beautiful Myrena Sint Jago will be at MIST Harlem Saturday June 23rd to present a wonderful Caribbean Summer Solstice 2018 celebration!  Yoga, zumba, Haitian Rumba dance will all be taught in one hour classes, with professional dance demonstrations in between.  A day to get ready for summer and celebrate Caribbean culture with a 20% brunch discount at the MIST restaurant included.  Support this wonderful non-profit dance educational company while sweating and dancing your heart out!

Myrena Sint Jago is a word “passionista,” choreographer, dancer, dance instructor, producer and sometime actress and director.   A native of Curacao, Myrena became President and Founder of Liberata Dance Theatre in 2005 with a mission to use art and dance to enrich education in culture and history and explore universal social and global issues.  She has received various grants and produced works to honor the Caribbean Islands and African culture, Women’s History, Black History and so much more.  She travels back to Curacao each year to work with the youth there, and has traveled in Europe and Africa as well.  This Fall, it is her intention to partner with professionals from not only dance, but theatre, music and spoken word to present a new work the scope of which is larger than any of Liberata’s previous work.

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Listen to Myrena talk about her inspirations and the history of Liberata Dance Theatre here.

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