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~Productive Play Recap – Lets Get Physical~

Thanks to all who tuned in to Productive Play this week where we discussed the importance physical activity has in the development of young children and their long-term health. We also shared specific physical activities to do at home or school with your

After each “Productive Play” show, we recap the episode here on the Word of Mom Radio Blog. Everyone is busy so if you had to tune out early, missed the original show, or need a refresher of the activity and what we discussed, this is where you can check back children and find all the information you need!

~Physical Activity~

• Currently 8.4% of 2-5 year olds are obese- almost 50% higher than in the 1970’s.

• 1 hour of “structured” play and 1 hour of “free play” recommended daily

• Limit screen time to 1-2 hours daily or only after physical activity

Balloon Batting

Phase 1, Month 2, Activity 20


  • Two-four balloons (or beach ball)
  • Fly swatter, paper plate or other “balloon bat” if desired!


  • Together inflate two to four balloons
  • See how long child can keep balloon(s) in the air by counting aloud 1, 2, 3, and so on
  • Now try keeping in air two balloons and count aloud how long they stay in the air
  • Suggest to child they bat with different parts of body – hands, elbows, feet, head, etc.
  • Bat a single balloon back and forth with a partner and play balloon volleyball- no net needed
  • Try to keep all 4 balloons in the air with a partner


  1. Cranium Hullabaloo- 2-6 players ages 3+. Great for families to play together as you move in a number of ways from mat to mat and can have multiple winners in one game.
  2. Yoga Garden Game- won Parents’ Choice Award. Teaches preschoolers how to have fun while learning and practicing yoga.
  3. Active Songs- We shared some song that will get your child moving-  “Shake My Sillies Out” by Raffi, or any version of  The Hokey Pokey

Visit us at If Not You,Who?.org for more fun and educational activities that help prepare your child for kindergarten and life!

Meet Debbie Dutton and Elissa Sungar

Mother/Daughter Debi Dutton and Elissa Sungar bring us a powerful company making sure our children are ready for  school.  Only half of the 4 million children entering kindergarten each year are actually ready to attend. Life long consequences often follow those children unprepared. If Not You, Who?  is a free website that includes over 300 easy to implement activities, which only take about 10 minutes each and use common household items.  The activities are focused on developing the 5 crucial learning areas kids should be familiar with when they enter kindergarten. Available in over 30 languages, almost any adult can now quickly learn how to positively impact a child’s future!

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