Laima Boyd – creator of Doopalpoops

Doopalpoops – Puppets With A Purpose are unique, hand-made sock puppets made from colorful fuzzy socks with a specially designed mouthpiece, bright colored hair, braids, ears, tongues depending on the type of puppet — boy, girl, dog, or alien. 

Imagination opens up with a puppet, a pen, paper and a creative mind. We want children 5-18 to name their puppet, write a story about their puppet and email it by January 15, 2019 to for the e-story club. 52 will be selected for a hardbound format, to be presented to the author at their school. Doopalpoops promote literacy, entrepreneurship, and kindness.

SPECIAL TO WORD OF MOM LISTENERS ONLY THROUGH JANUARY 31 2019 – mention that you heard of them on WoMRadio and you can get an individual puppet, normally $15 for only $12.  THIS CANNOT BE DONE ONLINE, YOU MUST ORDER BY EMAIL AT OR  CALL (714) 313-4102.

After 1/31/19 you can order a Doopalpoop by using the link above.  Kits to make two are $25.  You can also adopt a Doopalpoop to be gifted to a less fortunate child.

Contest rules:

You can help NAME the Doopalpoops!  The favorite name for one each, the girl, boy, dog and alien will be chosen with a picture and the name posted on the website.

We will post a tweet with each picture on Saturday December 8th.  Retweet the picture with your name choice and the hashtag #WoMRadioDoopalpoopNameContest

The four lucky winners will also receive their VERY OWN DOOPALPOOP!  Please remember that all Doopalpoops are unique and hand-made so the Doopalpoop you win will be YOUR special Doopalpoop, not the one in the picture!

Here is the girl:  

Here is the boy: 

Here is the dog: 

Here is the alien: 

We continue to partner with No Such Thing As a Bully and The Moment of Kindness Foundation to help bring more kindness into the world and change the language surrounding our culture, eliminating words like “bully” and “victim.”  Thanks as always to Smith Sister Bluegrass for our closing song.

The show can be heard here. 

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