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When I was approached by Dori DeCarlo, host of Word of Mom Radio on Blogtalk Radio, to do a series, I was honored and a bit nervous to be having a series of my own, since I haven’t had a show of my own before. However, one thing I knew is that I wanted to share the knowledge and strategy I have learned and implemented. I also knew that by reaching out to the #WoMRadio audience, more online marketers and mompreneurs looking to move or start their business online would have access to this information. My main mission is for all online marketers to succeed when they have a proven strategy and system to implement it, and of course those being the ones who are the self-motivated action takers.

Renee Show LogoSo from there, Keep It Simple With Renee, my marketing series and strategy was created for the Word of Mom Radio show.

I focused on 6 topics that online marketers always have questions about or struggle with. I had no idea the amount of response and feedback I would get. It was exciting to hear from others about the questions they wanted me to answer for them, to have callers on the show ask questions, and to also receive feedback about how much they had learned from listening to the show.

The first show that aired on 2/2/16, the topic was: Choosing a sponsor/mentor that gets you started simply and makes you money. 

In this show, I gave a brief intro to how I got started as an online marketer, and how I had my breakthrough by finding the right mentors. I focused on what qualities to look for in choosing a mentor that shows you how to get started simply and into profit as quickly as possible.

The second show that aired on 2/9/16, the topic was: Automate your business. Why?…because we all have a life and commitments, AND we can still earn because of it.

In this show, I explained how to get hundreds of people looking at your business every day when you already have a busy life/commitments (making money while taking care of kids, family, at a JOB, out living your life). That is the reason we create an effective system that works for us when we are sleeping or out living our life.

The third show that aired on 2/16/16, the topic was: Getting signups when you are new or have very little money to start with.

In this show, I discussed how to get people to look at your business every day. I shared free and paid resources and strategies I use myself to get 5-10 new active paid signups per day. I also shared my adapted version of one of my mentor’s Broke Man Plan which I call the Broke Woman/Quit Your JOB Plan leading into the Perpetual Traffic Plan also created by the same mentor.

The forth show that aired on 2/23/16, the topic was: Blogging to brand and breakthrough.

In this show, I explained why you need to brand yourself and how blogging will help you. I talked about some common (and sometimes costly) mistakes new or struggling online marketers make…such as branding someone or something other than themselves.

The fifth show that aired on 3/1/16, the topic was: List building/lead generation: getting leads to become buyers.

This show was a continuation of the strategies discussed in previous shows, with more emphasis on how online marketers should engage with their lists regularly with personalized emails and posts, relationship building, and telling their story.

The sixth (and last) show that aired on 3/8/16, the topic was: Why its a Good Idea to Diversify.

On this last show, I talked about why it’s a good idea to diversify and build multiple streams of income that go together and are simple to follow. I explained my rationale on why marketers shouldn’t “put all their eggs in one basket.” IE: Relying on only one source of income online. Also, based on feedback I received, I addressed more questions and comments about specific topics that listeners wanted more details about.

Since this series, I have still received comments from people who have listened and they are now sharing this series with their team. I can not begin to say how excited I am to hear that my show provided value to other online marketers. I know that it opens the door for me to do another series at some point.

So for all of you that listened, commented, provided questions, called in, shared this information with others, I truly appreciate you. If you didn’t get to hear some or any of the shows, all you need to do is click the links above on the topics and it will take you right to the replay of that specific show.

Together we will all make it!!

Talk Soon!

Renee 🙂

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