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Rachel Assuncao on BlogTalkRadio

I love coaching!

I think that a coach, a good coach, a supportive coach, a motivating coach, an empowering coach who can still hold you accountable is the most amazing support system available.  Did any of you have a mentor when you were growing up?  A coach, your pastor pastor, a fabulous teacher, an awesome uncle or aunt, a really cool neighbor – that special someone that made a difference in your life?   To me, as we grow up the right coach can be that be that voice that gives you that “click” the lights are on and you can look ahead.

On June 9 at 2pmEDT on Word of Mom I am talking with Health Coach Rachel Assuncao.  Rachel works with busy parents and professionals who are struggling to eat well and live a happy, energized, and vibrant life. As a health coach, she believes that a truly balanced approach to life isn’t just about the food that nourishes you – it’s also about love, intimacy, enjoying your work, physical activity and having fun.

Rachel is Co-owner and authorized Trainer of the Genuine Contact™ program.  Through their holistic approach to organizational and individual transformation Rachel has coached clients internationally in personal and professional development. The coaching she has provided has assisted her clients in developing clarity about leading a purpose-driven life, confidence and clarity to lead their lives towards their visions and plans for achieving their purpose and vision successfully.  Join us at 2pmEDT/11amPDT here on Word of Mom or give us a call at 347 850 8994 and be part of the conversation.


Robin Ashford-Macy on MomTV

It began in her Manhattan apartment…inspired by an array of rock concert t-shirts in her walk-in closet; Robin conceived the idea of custom one-of-a-kind swimwear.   Since starting her own line, Robin’s vivacity, originality and charm continue to flourish with her knack to weave elements of history and mesh them with a chic edge.  In 1998, Robin made her move from the west coast to NYC and after a stint with an insurance giant; she grew bored with the industry and set about exploring the fashion world. After refining her concept and assessing market potential, she embarked on the founding of Vin-T-Bikini®.

Robin is rapidly gaining recognition as one of the industry’s bold new designers with a bikini that conveys a downtown look. Her inaugural line debuted, November 2007 holiday season throughout North America and Europe.  Miami Living Magazine did a full page interview with Robin, November 2007.  Vin-T Bikini was featured on CNBC “The Big Idea” in January followed by another appearance ten days later “Will It Play in Peoria”.  Other featured articles and guest appearance; VANITY FAIR, ARUDE Magazine, New York Sun, Maxim Magazine, Tucson Lifestyle Magazine, JAVA Magazine, Arizona State Press, So Scottsdale Magazine, Amore Magazine.com, Daily Candy Miami, Metro Mix Miami, FOX Business television, A to Z TV interview…to name a few.

Robin has also worked on special projects including: Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Tampa and Hollywood, Florida 2009 calendar, WPLR Radio in New Haven, CT 2010 calendar, custom bikinis for THE RAMONES, Harley Davidson (Chandler, Peoria and Tucson, Arizona) and Hooters Spain bikini pageant.  Join us on MomTV at 4pmEDT/1pmPDT and find out more about this unique idea!

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