Word of Mom May 5th

BlogTalkRadio with Abbey Fatica

In April 2009 Abbey was trying to find a way to make extra money. As a stay at home mom she wanted to find a way to contribute to the family income. She searched the internet for products to sell or a business to become involved with, when she had an AHA MoMent!  Abbey was intrigued by a segment on Oprah on bloggers and, while she had never thought of blogging as a profession, she sat a mom just like herself making a living blogging about her life.  Abbey realized that she could do that, too and then some.  Realizing that family run businesses are usually hit the hardest when the economy is tough she decided to offer a way for them to gain FREE ADVERTISING – and Living My MoMent was born.  on top of advertising they now offer Ad Spaces, Product Reviews, Giveaways, Blogrolls, Dedicated Articles, Promotions on Facebook and Twitter and so much more.  Join us on Thursday on Word of Mom on BlogTalkRadio at 2pmEDT/11amPDT or give us a call at 347 850 8994 and see how to get the most bang for your buck!

MomTV with Jennifer Pereyra

Jennifer Pereyra has sought balance between her career and home life. While earning her B. A. from Lake Forest College, Jennifer studied in Madrid, where she met her husband, Ignacio. Jennifer and Ignacio are currently raising their daughters in Columbus, NJ.Working as a Regional Account Manager for one of the largest manufacturers of health care products worldwide, Jennifer also serves on the Board of Directors for the New Jersey chapter of the American College of Healthcare Executives. Whenever possible, Jennifer enjoys speaking to other working mothers about the challenges they face. Specifically she loves to share her thoughts on “The Three Best Kept Secrets Every Working Mother of Young Children Needs to Know.” Tune into Word of Mom on MomTV at 4pmEDT/1pmPDT as we talk about these secrets and her new book, “Mommy and Daddy Work to Make Some Dough


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