Ingrid Prueher Joins the Word of Mom Radio Network!

Baby Sleep 911, Help! Radio

 Join Ingrid Prueher, The Baby Sleep Whisperer on November 20th 2013 for her inaugural weekly show on Word of Mom Radio. Ingrid brings her six plus years of parenting and sleep training experience, along with lactation counseling to Word of Mom Radio in pursuit of helping the millions of sleepless families on this planet.

Are you tired of being a sleepless parent?

Have you read every sleep book but still cannot help your baby sleep?

Are you tired of hearing your friends brag about how well their kids sleep?

Well, wait no more!! There is help and Ingrid is the gal to call to help all of you sleep better starting tonight. As a follow-up to her active Baby Sleep 911, Help! Facebook sessions, Ingrid joins Word of Mom Radio to spread her child sleep advice. Every week, between 1 pm and 2 pm EST, listen to sleep, lactation, feeding, nutrition and parenting advice. You can even call in to get your child sleep question answered. Expect to hear from experts in the parenting field because once the sleep is on track we know that our parenting work is not done.

What can you expect from Ingrid’s first Baby Sleep 911, Help! Radio show. Well, during her first show she will cover three of the Seven Secrets to Getting Your Baby to Sleep Like an Angel. Why would you want to miss that? Well, you wouldn’t!

She will answer questions like:

When is a good time to start sleep training my baby?

  1. How to choose a sleep training plan based on my parenting philosophy?
  2. I’m tired and I want help, how do I choose a child sleep consultant to work with?
  3. Can you really sleep train a child that is breastfed?
  4. Can you sleep train even though you practice attachment parenting?

Ingrid will even cover a child sleep case study just to show you how you can create your own sleep strategy for your little one. So, mark your calendars weekly and don’t miss this must listen to show to help your family get the rest they so deserve.

ABOUT INGRID PRUEHER, The Baby Sleep Whisperer

Ingrid is a bilingual, Certified Family Sleep Institute (FSI) Child Sleep Consultant and the founder of  She teaches sleepless moms and dads the fundamentals of sleep, so their children can become amazing sleepers and my parents can get a good night’s sleep. As a seasoned parenting consultant, I combine my experience and knowledge of nutrition and sleep to help English and Spanish-speaking parents across the country who are struggling to get their child on a good sleep schedule.

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