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Ignite_NewsletterYou know the movie How Stella Got Her Groove Back

A successful but unhappy divorcee goes to Jamaica on vacation looking for she did not know what and ended up finding herself (with the aid of – with all due respect – a VERY healthy looking Taye Diggs)

Why do I want you to come to Jamaica with me? Because just like the movie’s character you have lost your driving force and in order to get it back you need to step away from your comfort zone. You need the healing touch of fresh coconut water, magnificent palm trees, and let’s not forget the reggae music – which let’s just face it has the magical power to awaken parts of you that have been lying dormant since the Clinton administration.

Need a little more convincing? Okay let’s go a little deeper……..

How are your relationships? More stiff than a politician’s vote for me speech?

When was the last time you laughed so hard you almost pee your pants (okay you did pee your pants but we won’t go there).

How about your creative juices? When was the last time you delivered such a compelling  presentation that even your most critical potential client said: “where do I sign?”

Are you on target to achieving your financial goals before 2015 ends?

Are you so burn out that the mere idea of doing the same old same old makes you want to pull your hair out while banging your head against the wall?

Would you rather continue to do the things that are not working or would you rather be shifting your mindset while sipping umbrella drinks and enjoying this view?

jamaican trip

The choice is yours, I know what I am choosing……Click HERE for more details about  joining  me and Dynamic Daphne in Jamaica this coming October 25th through the 30th.

Here is a little taste of what you would receive at the retreat: Willie Crawford interviewed Daphne I about our life’s journey and how we have overcome so many adversities. It is our hope this video will be show you how we work together and how we help our clients. Watch the interview HERE

Hurry to secure your spot on the retreat before the early bird rate goes up on August 25th.

Have questions? Reply back to this message and someone from our team will get back to you.

See you in Jamaica.

Catherine & Daphne


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